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Guidelines to Follow if Still Have to Be In Contact with Your Abuser


Here are some guidelines to follow if still have to be in contact with your abuser. 


– Tell the abuser that you will not accept the statements that define you and list examples.

– Tell your abuser that you will video all meetings. Then keep a video camera with you.

– Limit contact with the abuser.

– Say “What did you say?” if you do hear verbal abuse524063_327108844044851_730525170_n  MEV

– Be prepared to leave the presence of the abuser if you are abused

– Hang up the phone if you are abused.

– Try to keep any necessary communication via e-mail, not phones or text messages – Save abusive e-mail as evidence but don’t respond.

– Never text if you are bombarded with texts from your abuser.

– Never go where your safety is threatened

– Trust your intuition.

-Don’t explain or defend yourself

– Don’t try to lock your abuser out of a home he owns with you. Instead, leave or make a plan about where you will go. Call 911 if you are threatened with physical violence.

– A restraining order may be possible. Always get legal advice.

– If you are exchanging children, try to arrange a safe exchange at a neutral site.

– Don’t hesitate to call the National Domestic Violence Hotline for information and resources in your area. That number is 1-800-799-Safe (7233)

– Don’t hesitate to call 911 for help

– If you are separated or divorcing but living in the same house because of economic reasons, here are some suggestions. Use a note pad to leave important information. Divide the house as well as the cupboards and refrigerator. Each person is responsible for his or her own meals and laundry. – MEV

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