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Complimentary 30 minute Coaching Session

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DASNM has a complimentary 30 minute coaching session just for you:

Do you ever feel like you need someone to talk to during this time in your life?
Divorce Support is just a phone call away from our very own Joanie!
Are any of the following concerns keeping you awake at night?
– Will I always feel this lonely?-  I feel stuck. I need help setting goals for my new life.- How do I deal with stress and the feeling of being overwhelmed as a single parent on a daily basis?

– Dating again? How do I get started and attract the “love of my life”?

If any of the concerns above are keeping you awake at night, then call Joanie Winberg, a Divorce Mentor directly @ 508-947-2750 for a complimentary 30 minute coaching session.

single again now what

Single Again For Women

Single Again For Men


professional-pictures-of-Joanie-5-125x150Hello, it’s Joanie Winberg, a Certified Human Behavior Consultant, Divorce Mentor, corporate trainer and CEO of the National Association of Divorce for Women and Children.

So how to you deal with this new life and plan for your new future? How do you get your life back and be happy again?

To answer these questions, we have created the Survive and Thrive After Divorce Boot Camps. Here are links to the Boot-camps Just for Men or Boot Camps Just for Women  In these Boot Camps, you will learn 3 Major Life Skills that will change your life forever.

Skill #1 Stress Management or coping skills.
To get your life back on tract, you have to be able to deal with your stress and anxiety on a daily basis. In this Boot Camp, you will learn how to turn your stress into calmness in minutes and be at peace with yourself.SingleAgainAlbum2_j

Skill #2 Communication
Have you ever asked yourself these questions concerning you kids, your ex, your co-workers or even your boss?
– Why did you do that?
– What were you thinking?
You will learn the personality styles and traits of others to bring more ease into your life and to build better relationships.

Skill #3 Goal setting
You will learn a unique formula to set measurable-life goals and how to have your best future for you and your children.

single again now what


Boot-camps Just for Men

Boot Camps Just for Women


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