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FATHERISM, The Movement



FATHERISM,  The Movement

Nonprofit lobbying and advocacy to make the profession of being a father one of the top ten chosen career paths in America


Dad and Child



John Brislin is the host of the John Brislin Show – Founding Fatherism  and founder of the movement!


FATHERISM is NOT a “how to be a dad” philosophy.

FATHERISM, IS a systematic strategy to change the number of good men that choose NOT to be good dads.

The Davie-Brown Index scientifically rates the level of influence of celebrities of all sorts so that retailers world-wide can reasonably anticipate consumer behavior if they, say, drop $10 million on a marketing campaign featuring a celebrity such as “Brad Pitt” (ranked #8 on DBI).

If Brad wears your company’s sunglasses your company can anticipate a measured increase in consumers that are buying your sunglasses…behaving like Brad because he influences them.

What happens when Brad is seen being a great dad, making it look what society deems “cool”. Consumers – aka dads – will similarly model the celebrity behavior and you create…


Add to this a multifaceted strategy including lobbying Hollywood entertainment, New York news agencies, and DC politicians.

Seal the deal with a business policy outlined “The Brislin Doctrine” that identifies a long unseen loss of profits from the neglect of men and women that have family concerns. In today’s world there is technology that has never before been available to make the changes that need to be made in the workplace.

The techniques, policies and legislation necessary to capture these lost profits are outlined in “The Brislin Doctrine”.

Fatherism is a movement to combine socio-political forces that have never existed until the last 12-15 years.


17 million children in the US grow up in single-parent households. If FATHERISM, The Movement is only 1% effective…that helps 170,000 children. How does a person say no to that?




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