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Are the Games My Ex Plays Abuse?


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I am split from my ex, we got married because of our kids. She was very abusive and was abused by her father, she don’t like the therapist but she likes to play games, I feel safer at the therapists but she refuses to go. Unless I talk to her first and answer her questions, I do not like that game. She won’t let me see my kid, for the last 2 yrs. but she wants to play games with me. I said “No More No More Games, Facebook is not the place!” I ask her to meet me in therapy she say no, she has no problems. Are all the games my ex plays also abuse? I just don’t know what to do anymore. 20.000 DOLLARS AND 2 YRS, NOTHING.  Are all these games also abuse?



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Member Response 1

Get a divorce, get visitation rights, and couple therapy a lot of times only makes the problem worse. It’s all about control and sounds like you are her puppet.


Member Response 2

Document and report it to the lawyer. Sounds like something else is going on for you to not see your kids for two years…


Member Response 3

Need to file paperwork with court, custody order. Fathers have rights too.


Member Response 4

Sorry, divorce, kids and lawyers, is expensive MIX; it’s the Lawyers who gain the children loose, why would she keep the kids from you??? That’s strange, unless she using them to hurt you which is SICK< file for half placement, as a father you are entitled,.. Best to you..


Member Response 5

Why haven’t you hired an attorney…? As long as you allow her to continue the game, she’ll play it. You can just say… No games! You doing what she wants but still not seeing your kids… So you don’t know what she’s telling them. Get an attorney so you can see your kids!


Member Response 6

Sounds Luke you need to get into a courtroom or mediation quickly!


Member Response 7

Wow, that’s a sad story. I know what you’re talking about b/c I’ve been through it myself. You need good ongoing support. Hang in there


Member Response 8

Go to court and get custody.


Member Response 9

All the above… Stop being a victim start getting your rights back you need to be there for your child … I think therapy only works if both want to fix it if not cut your losses get your rights move on and be a good dad…


Member Response 10

Get full custody or shared and have holidays written in stone.


Member Response 11

20.000.00 latter! Well that may have gotten you two court dates. Lol
Go to court; there is no other way…
If your therapist has documentation of her abuse. Use it!
But before u go to court!
Make sure u have every expectation laid out… Visitations till 18/19
Transportation. Ect …..
A judge can make her go to therapy or parenting classes!


Member Response 12

Take her to court that’s what you need to do


Member Response 13

You need a very good lawyer!

Bottom of Form


Member Response 14

Please don’t take this the wrong way, but consider the Japanese tradition. At the divorce, the father leaves and gives up any right to see the children until they turn 18. Hard on the dad, but easier on the children. Then the parents are not sucked into that awful vortex of being right or looking better in the children’s eyes. Good luck. It does get better. ~William Kenly, author of “The Dogs of Divorce”

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