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Feelings While Healing After A Divorce


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These are my feelings while I am healing is this normal and do you feel the same? At times I feel old…..  At times I want to toss in the towel…  At time I want to just give up….  Most of the time I have no clue why my ex does and says the things he does….  But just when I start to say “what the ….”  Then God sends a Godwinks and I know I am on the right path despite what people say or do to me! One step at a time to my new and improved me!

Member Response 1

I’m not even 30 but I feel like I have lived for 100 years I have been to *ell and back


Member Response 2

Keep following the Godwinks!


Member Response 3

You have inner strength and God lights the way to find your way out of deepest darkest fears. You have nothing to fear except itself!


Member Response 4

God always sends his Godwinks daily. Embrace your Godwinks and look for them. At least for me that is what one of the most positive things since my divorce and now my world has a new color


Member Response 5

I am learning that I don’t give a darn why he thinks or does what he does now because I hold no responsibility for it anymore! What Freedom I have received in that awareness! For 20 years “my husband” did and said those things, now some guy does. I don’t need to be any more concerned about it than I am about what the man two blocks over and three houses down does or says. UNLESS it concerns my children and their lives! Then, he’d better be ready for a battle because NO ONE messes with Momma Bear’s babies 


Member Response 6

Who cares about any ex unless you put my child into the mix then…  Many times a parent tries to be the child’s friend after a divorce to make the other parent “Look bad” but I believe we are our children’s parents and this friend stuff does not work.  The relationship will change as we age but a true parent is always parent!  I believe parents that are friends to their children leads to problems and the child pays the price


Member Response 6

I get it!


Member Response 7

Hmmm…  now you’ve got me looking around extra hard for similar synchronicities…


Member Response 8

WOW well said!

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