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Leaving this Abusive Relationship


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“I am 33 years old I’m a mother of 3, I’m going through a very tough divorce, and I have been married for 3 years and been with him for 8.  Our relationship is very bad, it’s been like that for a while now, I was battered by him almost a year ago. I had to run away from home with my kids. I gave him another chance, but it all when back to the same, he is very abusive, verbally and sometimes physically, now to the point that he come over and took my children by for, and since there’s no legal order on custody there is nothing I could do, I guess what I’m seeking is for some advice leaving this abusive relationship, this is really hurting me and I feel I’m losing faith. Can you please help? Thank you”



Member Response #1

I have been there. You need to go to women protection services in your county and they will help you get a restraint order. That way he cannot come close to you or the children until you get court order visitation


Member Response #2

I am in a very similar situation. The police will not help you – first thing tomorrow you should go down and make an appointment to see a judge in the Juvenile and Domestic Relations Court for a custody hearing.


Member Response #3

I just got out of a very abusive marriage my x tried to murder me twice the last time was in March of this year. I would suggest you get some legal help or get into a shelter where they have tons of resources to help you. I have one child that’s 5. I’m in an address protection program. Please don’t lose your faith God promised he would walk with you through the good and the bad…. By the way this is a great group you might want to join ANM2 abuse no more group they have people that specialize in this too. So sorry for your pain….


Member Response #4

Empower yourself! Get information on laws and resources in the state/city where you live…



Member Response #5

Not knowing where you reside, do you have any available legal advice from the county or state level? Even speaking with a victim’s advocacy group with your local law enforcement agency? I could walk you through the process here, but each state is different.


Member Response #6

Get an attorney-file for divorce. See a Judge and get an order for protection. Child welfare services support-grant him supervised vised visits. As suggested. An advocacy program may be of huge assistance. You are a survivor. He won’t change.  LOL.



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