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The Story Begins Mamma Bear Plus 6






mama bear

It has been a year and it is still difficult to share this story with anyone outside my small circle of close friends & family. I will be very discriminating on details, not sure there will ever be an acceptable amount of time between then and the present that will make me want to dig up and share those deep ugly mental images. It is not something that I thought I would ever want to talk about or share with anyone, but it is amazing what can be accomplished in 1 year in terms of healing, strength, grace and faith. Today is 1 year to the month when darkness fell, I celebrate triumph! Victory for my children that have grown and have become even more amazing individuals. The feeling of mission accomplished for myself to have picked up the scattered & shattered pieces of our lives. Then in my weakest moments slowly but diligently I sorted thru what pieces we needed and what pieces we didn’t. Then I gathered almost all new pieces and now we have created a brand new life for ourselves!

For this first post I would like to start by briefly taking this back to days, weeks, months and years before April 2012. I was married before to my high school sweetheart. We were very young when we got together, married at 18. By the time we were 22 our marriage ended and we divorced. Even sadder, we have had no contact and haven’t for 10 years. He has not even contacted his children. My dream of falling in love with that 1 person and staying with them for life seemed to be gone. Like others I realized life hardly ever goes as planned. But enough about going WAY back; I will leave that for another day.

Being a single mother of 4 I thought my life would just be with my children. Then out of the blue, I met this guy because I was a single mother of 4 daughters I felt it best to just become friends. Well another one of life turns we fell in love, got married, had 2 children, started 2 businesses, bought a house… This happens to many many people, right! Isn’t that the way it is suppose to be!? Living the dream, or, so I thought!

Happily married to my best friend, life was exceptional, it was as I imagined it should be (little did I know…). We rarely ever disagreed, we vacationed, we partied (although he drank WAY more often than I did, which I didn’t really care for), we laughed, we worked hard, we cried, we were connected to an outstanding church, we lived our lives surrounded by many fabulous friends (friends who I will be forever grateful for that were there for me & the kids when the darkness fell) People were green with envy of our love & happiness. I advised friends on love and relationships: I even played dating service and hooked up everyone I knew that was single because I felt like everyone should have love in their life that I had. I spent many moments lost in thought of how this was it, and I was set with my lifelong partner, and all life could do was get even better and for years that seemed to be the case. We were planning on moving to WA State and opening a business. We were set to leave in May, to pack up life as we knew it and move. We had a home set up, he had a job lined up that would sustain us until the business that I would put all my time and energy into, got off the ground. Crazy when they say Man plans God laughs because it is so true…

There was nothing in my mind, heart or soul that led me to believe things were about change, drastically not anything… How did I not know? How did I not see this happening? Why is it that my gut instinct didn’t kick in? How did things get so turn around in our lives that made him think that it was okay to betray us, to destroy us, to throw all we had worked for away after 8 years of our lives together…WTF!? And I was too blind to see it. Blinded by the excellent marriage I thought we had, blinded by a love I thought was true from both ends… Love is blind they say, guess “they” are right.




Stay Tuned more of the story to come…….


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