Divorce View and Nancy Lang Discuss Dating after Divorce

Nancy Lang is the guest today.  She is a Certified Life Coach, published author, professional actress, mother of two incredible adult children, and M.D.D. (Maven of Divorce and Dating!).     It was her role in life as a divorced woman that inspired her to write the book, You Want Me to What?!—The Dating Adventures and Life Lessons of a Newly Divorced Woman (available on Amazon and http://www.you-want-me-to-what.com), Join the informative, yet funny show as Nancy shares her experiences Read more [...]

How to Deal with My Children, Who are Adults

  "Could someone tell me how to deal with my children, who are adults now, the youngest being 18, but they will always be my babies. I have kept them out of the nastiness all along but now I have hit rock bottom and don't want to live anymore. I have Cancer and have stopped my treatment because I haven't got the guts to commit suicide. But we had a huge row in the house the other night and I got dressed and left the house at breakneck speed and stayed driving around all night and eventually Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio Episode “Telling the Kids You’re Getting a Divorce”

            Originally aired April 11, 2012       Podcast: Play in new window | Download Dr. Joshua Ehrlich joins Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, to discuss telling the kids you’re getting a divorce. Telling the kids can be one of the most painful parts of a divorce. Children of all ages (including your adult children) may have a problem coming to terms that their parents are divorcing. Dr. Ehrlich shares with us advice on how to tell Read more [...]