Common Sense Health Tips That will Help You Feel Better

    When going through a breakup, many times eating habits are not the best. Making a lifestyle change in eating habits that you can stick with will make you feel better and more energetic.  Here are a few Common Sense Health Tips That will Help You Feel Better. Don't skip meals, especially breakfast. When people skip meals they become more tired and irritable. Eat a healthy breakfast full of fiber and protein. Not only does your body get what is needed but you will feel full longer. Choose Read more [...]

Treatments for Dark Eye Circles

  Quick Treatments for Dark Eye Circles are listed below.  These treatments have been used by many people for years with wonderful results. Potatoes contain an enzyme called catecholase.  Many cosmetics use catecholase as a skin lightener. Grated potatoes can lighten under-eye circles. Run one potato through a food processor then put into a piece of cheesecloth. Apply directly beneath your eye for 15 to 20 minutes.  Please be careful, so the potato juice does not get in your eye. Wipe Read more [...]

Feel Better Bath

    Here are some secrets to help your next bath deliver unbelievable benefits to melt away the stress of the day helping your skin to glow, feel smooth, and your body feel refreshed and rejuvenated. Just an all around feel better bath! Bath salts can help your skin repair and restore the youthful smoothness and vitality while dealing with the signs of aging. For the best results, add some Sea Salts with the essentials oils or herbs of your choice to your bath. When it comes to bath Read more [...]

Garlic the Potent Natural Herb

      Garlic the Potent Natural Herb and many refer to it as the wonder "drug" naturally made, but it has to be the real thing not pills if you want this to work. I am a big fan of garlic, and my goal is to share with you some of the interesting facts about garlic not just that it keeps vampires away! For 5,000 years, garlic has been used for medicinal purposes. One of the active ingredients in garlic is Allicin (similar to an antibiotic), and Germanium (anti-cancer agent). Those Read more [...]

Want Firmer Breasts? Try this Trick

  As we age, our breast need to firm up, and the skin needs to tighten. Want Firmer Breasts? Try this trick that can help. Mix one tablespoonful of yogurt, an egg, and a teaspoon of vitamin E. Massage well into breasts, and then wear an old bra to keep the mixture on for at least twenty minutes. Rinse off in a nice warm shower.   Please use this link to do your Amazon Purchases in support of  A small percentage will be sent back to DASNM.  Thank you for your support. Read more [...]