Today on the “Conversations with Charmaine” Show! Work Play Balance

  Tune in and listen while you scroll... as Joanie shares how to enjoy a Work Play Balance on the "Conversations with Charmaine" Show! Listen to internet radio with Corporate Conversations on BlogTalkRadio     Single Again! Now What? How to “Survive and Thrive”…a self-help program for after divorce Going through a divorce? Feeling stressed after your divorce? Feeling the pressure of being a single dad? Worried about what step to take next? You are not alone in what Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio Episode “Anger Management – Dealing with Anger in Relationships”

                Podcast: Play in new window | Download It’s normal to feel angry from time-to-time, but what happens in the event that you or a partner lose control and anger turns to rage? In this episode of Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck, Latchman Narain, director-founder of the Anger Management Centre, joins us and helps decode anger and anxiety issues that can tear relationships to pieces.   Latchman Narain In this show, we Read more [...]

Light Yourself up With Some Color

    Initially the repetitive daily drudge of divorce can make you feel as though you’re living your entire life in beige. If you feel you’ve embraced a little too much convention of late, perhaps it’s time to push the boundaries and light yourself up with some color. Changing clothes and hairstyles is radical and can be expensive, but it won’t break the bank buying 10 pots of nail varnish to paint your toes and fingers a multitude of shades. This booster isn’t restricted Read more [...]

Take a Little Alone Time

    It’s a bit of a wild assumption that nobody wants to be alone.   Actually, sometimes being alone is just the ticket, particularly after a period of undesirable noise and emotional turbulence.   Fight the pestering urges from well-meaning allies who want to invite you to every party on the block and rest in the peace and quiet of not having to make decisions about what to wear, what to say to potentially interested suitors or just sympathetic souls who think they Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio Episode “Change Your Life with Inner Bonding”

      Originally aired September 4, 2012     Podcast: Play in new window | Download           On today’s show, Steve’s guest today is Dr. Margret Paul, co-founder of INNER BONDING, the complete system of self-healing anxiety, depression, addictions and relationships. Dr. Margaret Paul Margaret possesses a Ph.D. in psychology and is a relationship authority, noted public speaker, workshop leader, educator, and artist. She has appeared Read more [...]

You are Never too OLD to Plant the Seeds of Your Dreams!

      I know you have heard this before, but old is how we view it. I have met many thirty something’s that can’t keep up with me or my schedule. Old is a self-chosen set of expectations, attitudes, and perceptions. People tend to become what they believe we expect them to be or what they believe they should act like. Comparing a 40 or 50 year old to a 95 year old is not very different than comparing a 5 year old to someone that is 35. Yet, for so many they feel turning 40 Read more [...]

SECRETS to an easier, happier and more fulfilled life by Lisa Cherry Beaumont

    Welcome to ChatToCherry Tuesday           SECRETS to an easier, happier and more fulfilled life by Lisa Cherry Beaumont   Click here to join the MEMBERS ONLY Club for free access to all my SECRETS to a happier, easier, more fulfilled life:   by Lisa Cherry Beaumont, Agony Aunt at, first class advice on relationships, career, health and all aspects of life. Follow her on YouTube, Facebook Read more [...]

Do we Sacrifice Ourselves to Stay in a Relationship?

      Do we Sacrifice Ourselves to Stay in a Relationship?  Sacrifice is a word that most people are scared of. Sacrifice is called selflessness. Meaning you're willing place your partner's happiness above your own (LOVE). Of course, you're going to run across a person(s) that'll take advantage of it and/or not appreciate it, but those are the chances you take in relationships. It's all 50/50 whether or not it works out, but you can't stay sulking, and you feel like Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio Episode “The Emotional Fear of Becoming Involved Again”

    Divorce Source Radio Episode   “The Emotional Fear of Becoming Involved Again” Originally aired May 10, 2012     Podcast: Play in new window | Download Many times, people fear becoming involved in a new relationship after divorce.  Juliana Neiman helps us understand the healing process after being emotionally wounded by a relationship. You may have been married to a jerk, but that doesn’t mean your new significant other is going to be. Learn to spot the qualities Read more [...]

Keeping Your Children Out of the Icky Side of Divorce

  Here are a few bits of advice for keeping your children out of the icky side of divorce regardless of how long it has been since you separated or divorced.   1. When spending time with your child, don't speak negatively about your former spouse. 2. Do not argue with your ex in your child's presence, and especially avoid arguing when talking about the child. 3. Make sure you always arrive for visitations on time consistently so as not to offer any ammo for your ex. 4. Avoid talking Read more [...]