Infidelity and Dealing with Reasonable, Emotional and Wise Mind States

The emotions felt by the hurt partner immediately after finding out about an affair are simply overwhelming There are emotional stages of processing an affair and they similar to those dealing with death of a loved one. You have lost something you cherished and even if the relationship is saved it will never be the same. The difference in death and infidelity is when a person died they did not choose to leave you but in the case of infidelity they did choose to leave you. Accepting you were second Read more [...]

42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Twenty Three | Marc and Alis III Alone

   42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Twenty Three | Marc and Alis III Warning some episodes have strong language!         Published on Feb 23, 2013 WritersImprovStudio 'Why did you get married?' 'Because I was alone.' 'What happened?' 'I grew up.' After her scary interview by the court psychologist, Alis meets don't-you just-wish-for-a-delete-button-on-your-pa­st-Marc. Is she alone again? And what does it mean, being alone? Our Indiegogo campaign is now closed, Read more [...]

Music Has an Overwhelming Ability to Affect our Emotions

  Music has an overwhelming ability to affect our emotions and alter our state of mind, both adversely and positively. At times when the dreaded divorce paperwork is bearing down upon you, or you have an inordinate amount of form filling in to do, it can help enormously if you have something playing in the background that soothes you while you do so. You probably know what genre of music is likely to work best for you and if you are unable to invest in a new collection, explore the music Read more [...]

Recommendation for Grieving During your Healing Process

    Allow yourself to grieve for the loss of the relationship.  It is a death of all the dreams that never will be fulfilled and in many cases the person at one time was your best friend. Despair is a natural reaction to loss, and the break up or divorce of a love relationship involves several losses: The loss of someone to share your life with and have companionship and shared encounters. The loss of someone to help, be it financial, intellectual, social, or emotional  The loss Read more [...]

Yoga for Cancer Surviors – Preview

  This is a 2 min preview for the Yoga for Cancer Survivors class available on yogadownload This is an uplifting and empowering gentle flow designed for those who have struggled with, or are struggling with cancer. It is for all cancer survivors, whether you are newly diagnosed, receiving treatment, in remission, or cured. Yoga is an amazing tool during any difficult time as it enhances both physical and emotional wellness. This class does just that by allowing you to slow your thought processes Read more [...]

Divorce Source Radio Episode “Stepfamilies: Losses and Loyalties”

        Divorce Source Radio Episode   “Stepfamilies: Losses and Loyalties” Originally aired August 12, 2012     Podcast: Play in new window | Download Divorce Source Radio with Steve Peck welcomes Patricia Fares-O’Malley, PhD. She is a psychotherapist,  hypnotherapist, teacher, stress and grief management specialist.   Patricia Fares-O’Malley Todays program zero in on the challenges stepfamilies face, and Patricia help us know what it takes for blended families to Read more [...]

42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Twenty One | Sam

    42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Twenty One | Sam   Warning some episodes have strong language!         Published on Feb 2, 2013 WritersImprovStudio What happens when 'our home' becomes 'my home,' when 'our child' becomes 'my child,' when 'we' goes back to being 'you OR I'? Rarely the decision is mutual, and the one who did not make it, feels angry. 'You broke up our family, now live with the consequences,' argues Tomas. 'You can't have everything!' 4 Read more [...]

The Stress and Anxiety Over the Divorce Will Fade

    Making the decision to get divorced can be one of the hardest decisions you have faced.  Confusion, fear, anger, disappointment are all feelings you may experience.  Often you aren't just thinking about yourself and wondering about your own future, but are concerned about your spouse, their family, your family, possibly your children.  The Stress and Anxiety Over the Divorce Will Fade! It's okay to be scared.  It's okay to experience a wide array of emotions.  There's nothing Read more [...]

Lost & Found

All these opposites:  Lost  Found Thick  Thin All  Nothing Light Dark Happy Sad This list is endless…so, feel free to add your own…. Is there some particular reason to see everything as either or?  Why go from one extreme to the other?  Can lost really mean misplaced…or discarded…or used up?  Is there anything between all and nothing? The point here is to notice when we get stuck interpreting what we see…what we experience…what we feel , as all this or all that…black or white… We Read more [...]

42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Twenty Six | Tomas and Alis

    42 Seconds of Happiness | Chapter Twenty Six | Tomas and Alis Warning some episodes have strong language!         Published on Mar 16, 2013 WritersImprovStudio The seeds of the future lie buried in the past. Flashback: 'Tomorrow will look like today,' said Tomas in the very first scene, which initiated our long-running storytelling experience, exactly a year ago. Alis has just received scary news from a blood test, and she is convinced that this is the Read more [...]