Yoga Pose for Sexual Health and Drive

    Yoga Pose for Sexual Health and Drive by AnmolMehtaCom Uploaded on Jul  8, 2011         Yoga Chair Pose is excellent for developing your lower body strength. It helps strengthen your quads and buttocks. The lower body fitness is a key aspect of sexual health, especially for men, thus developing and maintaining this region directly affects the quality of your sexual drive and fitness. Be careful of your knees when practicing this pose and use the modification Read more [...]

Ten Traits of a Confident Person

    Life after divorce can leave us feeling beaten up and lacking self-confidence.  It can take a bit of time to recover, and it might take a bit of extra effort, as well.  This is only natural after being dealt such a life changing blow, especially if we never saw the divorce coming in the first place.  But what are the traits of a truly confident person?  What makes one person appear more self-assured than the next?  And how do we get our confidence back?    1)  Fake Read more [...]

HardCORE Yoga with Weights™ Mini Bootcamp – 25 min

        Are you ready to sweat? This 25 minute mini boot-camp class is jam packed with yoga flow, cardio drills, toning, and core movements to strengthen and tone your body from head to toe. Truly a total body stretch and workout, our Hard Core Yoga with Weights classes are designed to take your fitness to a new level while providing a fresh practice to keep things interesting. If you enjoy this class be sure to check out the super-challenging longer Hard Core Yoga with Read more [...]

What Cory Everson Taught Me Regarding Time for Exercise

  During one of my many interviews with 6 time Miss Olympia body building champion Cory Everson, we focused on the dramatic changes that have occurred in fitness over the years, and how less time is needed for exercise to have a great physique  What Cory Everson Taught Me Regarding Time for Exercise Hi I am David Essel, M.S. the Author 7 books and counting, National Radio and Television Host, Master Life and Business Coach, Adjunct Professor, All Faiths Minister, Addiction Recovery Coach Read more [...]

A few Weeks to Sleeveless and the “Wings” will Be GONE

    Women often joke about arms that wave back, "their little wings" but it truly is no laughing matter! Here are some tips so you can get sexy and go sleeveless in just a few weeks. The trick is to lift the heaviest weights you can safely handle. Then with the weights only do eight to twelve reps. Do three to four sets for three days a week will give you the results you're looking for.   Here are a few movements to keep things fun and stimulating:   Upright Rows Bend Read more [...]

Fitness Gadgets You are Sure to Enjoy

  1. Infrared Vibration Super Chi Machine This machine gently sways your body in a fish-like motion as you lie down. The swaying acts like a full-body massage to stimulate circulation, provide pain relief and as a form of passive exercise.  The original ib3 CHI Energizer bearing the original "Qi" logo : A top quality exerciser with a unique elliptical fish-like movement on the axis of the spine resulting in a full body massage including internal organs. Health benefits include pain Read more [...]

10 Ways to Help Move Forward After Divorce

    Here are my Diva top 10 ways to help move forward after divorce! 1. Forgive yourself first. For not being whatever enough to make it work, for not cutting the crap from your ex sooner than you did, for anything and everything you did or didn't do that you're currently guilt-tripping yourself over. It's not worth it. Only when you forgive can you truly LET GO and begin to MOVE ON. 2. Start a new hobby. For me, group fitness classes became a new way of life. Added bonus: I lost Read more [...]