Spy Gadgets of Today

Spy Gadgets of Today People are always asking me how cool it is to be a Private Investigator. They ask what is the most exciting investigation I have been on? They ask if I have caught people cheating? Then eventually it comes up to what kind of cool spy gadgets do you have? This is usually where I giggle a little and tell them I think the coolest gadgets on the market record video when no one is aware. Now as far as how cool it is to be a Private Investigator I love it because I get to help people Read more [...]

Things You Should Not Do After Divorce

Please scroll down and get the information for your free 30 coaching session compliments of DASNM and Joanie!      Getting a divorce is one thing, and surviving it is another, making things more difficult. When a marriage ends, a series of stressful events are faced by spouses and their children. In most cases, either party is often at the disadvantage and suffers much from this ordeal, as he or she is often left surviving with children. Such nerve-racking changes as new living arrangements, Read more [...]

Your VIP Links to Amazon Special Deals at Great Prices

  Use this link to check out Amazons Halloween shop for all your Halloween needs! Amazon Halloween Shop - Costumes, Candy,   Shop Amazon - Kids' Halloween Store Everything you need for the season  Halloween Costumes, Candy, Décor and More     Deals here at the Shop Amazon - New Fall Toysget your jump start on Christmas!  Try this link Shop Amazon Local - and Subscribe to Deals in Your Neighborhood ! Do you need gift ideas?  Amazon has these sections to help Read more [...]

Fitness Gadgets You are Sure to Enjoy

  1. Infrared Vibration Super Chi Machine This machine gently sways your body in a fish-like motion as you lie down. The swaying acts like a full-body massage to stimulate circulation, provide pain relief and as a form of passive exercise.  The original ib3 CHI Energizer bearing the original "Qi" logo : A top quality exerciser with a unique elliptical fish-like movement on the axis of the spine resulting in a full body massage including internal organs. Health benefits include pain Read more [...]