“Overwhelmed By Sadness”

             “Overwhelmed By Sadness”     I’m overwhelmed by sadness and I’ve tried To get past it but I can’t   Heartbreak is a bumpy giant slide Unique with its own sentimental slant Recurring is the product of my grief The anguish followed by the disbelief Sequestered with no hope of sheer delight…   …Here comes another lonely sleepless night   So what am I to do now at my worst? Overwhelmed by the sadness Read more [...]

If You Truly Heal There is an Amazing Life to be Lived

  I have spent years counseling and watching the incredible struggle people find themselves in as the unexpected hits them in the form of a divorce. The loss of the dream they had when they committed to marrying is beyond words, yet very real. There is a knee- jerk reaction of going into denial and blame which includes them and yourself. Yet none of this will change what is going on. With time you will see If You Truly Heal There is an Amazing Life to be Lived!!   The breakdown of a Read more [...]

“The Sensation Of Your Kiss”

  Needing the sensation Of Your kiss Was the spark that sparked all this I’d been blessed but felt no bliss More or less my mind was made up – to only just exist But being lost in the sensation of your kiss Exposed what I had missed Though it was always at my fingertips The touching of our lips Enabled me to come to grips – with the passion in our midst Receive your love, give you love… …And now my tender heart insists I live for the sensation of your kiss   Follow me on Facebook Read more [...]

“Right On, Write On, Rite On”

      Right on, write on, rite on And what of these phrases three? No difference in this trio phonetically Decipher them through spelling Or the tale that I am telling More compelling than I thought myself to be   Truly right is how I feel inside Having something to write about On the crest of my rite of passage Under then over & out Gateways to growth have taught me that it’s Healing to turn the light on This is the road to redemption So right on, write Read more [...]

I Am Woman, Hear Me Roar? (I Need a Man!)

    by Gretchen Schiller   I am woman, hear me roar… “I NEED A MAN!” No shit, right? I was just as horrified as you were when that echoed through my mind. But it did. So here I am throwing it out there in case you Pretty Mamas have felt the same on occasion. In Helen Reddy’s infamous song, “I Am Woman,” we can all agree that the context of her lyrics preached the opposite; women do not need men.       Here’s the deal. I’m tired of the conviction, Read more [...]

“That’s When You Know Why You’re Here”

    When someone close to you dies Heartbreak is bound to appear A part of you dies too, but That’s when you know why you’re here   And when your head is clear   Discovery leads to a portal In which the full grasp of a mortal Finds the impulses of God Far more transparent than odd Enabling a soul held at bay Respite to go on one more day Enduring the ultimate war Nibbling away at your core Converting your heart through each tear… Ever closer you grow Read more [...]

“An Ode To Your Sense Of Entitlement”

        O  h, silver spoon fed D ilettante E at your heart out if you want O pen wide thy mouth for me D ine upon this E dible entity   O n a platter I’ll serve a delicate term D elicious E fficient, never idle spent   O ver matters chit-chatter D iscerns, to appease your sense of E ntitlement // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ // ]]> Amazon.com Widgets    Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out  these and some of my other books Read more [...]

Talk given to the Better than Ever After Divorce Community

  I posted my Talk given to the Better than Ever After Divorce Community before, but learned the link did not work.  As such I got a copy of the mp3 from the organization that hosted the talk and I up loaded directly to the site and undated the post. This is a recording of a talk I was asked to give to an international audience for Better than Ever After Divorce.  Dee Adio-Moses asked me to talk on the topic after interviewing me about my book on her radio show.  Some of the topics Read more [...]

Two’s Company, Three’s a Crowd: Avoiding Triangulation in Your Future Relationships

  Abusive relationships leave our self-esteem debilitated. People who have experienced abuse in their previous relationships have become paralyzed with fear-- fear of not being able to love again, fear of not being loved again and that fear of experiencing failure in their future relationships. You may currently be healing from abuse, and you think that it may still be too early to enter into a new relationship, and you are right. However, there is nothing too early about learning and understanding Read more [...]

Two Wild Dogs Fighting and Title of My Books…

      People often ask me where the titles of the three "Dogs" books comes from, and I tell them that a few weeks after I was served with papers by the sheriff, a close friend of mine, someone who had gone through his own train-wreck of a divorce, handed me this story, and It became a guiding light for me, even after the divorce times were behind me. "The old Indian chief was teaching wisdom to his young grandson as they sat together on the mesa beneath the starry night sky. He explained Read more [...]