New Study Confirms: Male Depression Is Hard To Acknowledge

By Noah Brand  editor-in-chief of the Good Men Project People don’t want to see male depression, even when they have it, says Dr. Viren Swami’s research. An interesting new study from the University of Westminster seems to confirm what depression sufferers and mental health advocates have been saying for some time: when major depression occurs in men as opposed to women, both the depressed man and those around him are less likely to recognize the problem. This presents a serious obstacle to Read more [...]

You Are Not A Loser

By Noah Brand Seriously, you’re not a loser. Noah Brand explains why. As boys, we get told that there are winners and losers in this world, and it’s important to make sure you’re a winner. As men, we discover that that’s impossible. There’s always some metric by which we’re inadequate, always some ideal we’ve failed to meet. And so the labels of “loser” and “failure” creep in, become the nouns we define ourselves by. Inevitably, once those words become nouns, they begin poisoning Read more [...]

Genetic Despair: Depression and Me

  By Noah Brand editor-in-chief of The Good Men Project   Noah Brand never felt depressed. He just was.   This is the fourth in a series of essays on depression by some of the Good Men Project’s most valued voices. The first three parts are here, here, and here.   One cold morning in the early 1930s a Kansas farmer waded out into the middle of a creek on his property, put a gun to his head, and killed himself. He left behind a family, including a teenage boy who I Read more [...]

Late Night Call May be Reaching Out for Help or Something Else

      There are few topics I’m reticent to dip into because of the enormity of them. This is one such and if this tip is relevant to you, please seek further advice and assistance, it is not something you need to deal with on your own. The divorce is over and you get a late night call from your ex saying, “I can’t live without you. You can’t do this to me, I’ll kill myself.” Where on earth do you go from here? Threatened self-harm or suicide is indeed a cry for Read more [...]

Know that Something Good is Going to Happen

    Wake from your sleep today and know that something good is going to happen. It’s easy to believe that all that’s going to drop through your letterbox is depressing paperwork that will require your immediate attention. In truth, that may well be the case. Find something good, perhaps from just strolling through your garden with a hot cup of tea. New shoots may poking up, or buds beginning to open, or perhaps you’ll catch a breathtaking sunrise, it’s all there, every day. When Read more [...]

Use what Mother Nature is Presenting You With as Your Yardstick

  Summer has finally arrived in the UK and better late than never. Gardens and hedgerows here are bursting with the first signs of fruits and vegetables and a calming walk in your rural or urban green spaces will show this to be true. Whatever season you find yourself immersed in when you read this tip, it is a safe assumption that you may well be in the next one, or more likely beyond, when your divorce concludes. Turn time on it’s head in a positive way by not wishing the days away Read more [...]

Emotions: Threat or Menace?

  Image courtesy of farconville / By Noah Brand Dozens of posts on this blog so far, and we haven’t talked directly about what I see as the most pervasively damaging issue affecting men in our culture. It’s the one at the root of many of the other problems we suffer, and is perhaps the most intransigent and resistant to change. So yeah. Let’s talk about the fact that men aren’t allowed to have a full emotional range. Yes, okay, “allowed” may be putting Read more [...]