Shake up That Makeup!

  After 40, it is time to rethink how you do your make up! Just changing a few little things with a trick or two can help make those years a little less noticeable. So take a few minutes and shake up that makeup! Here are some tips to update your look: Lesson One: Go One Darker Get foundation one shade darker. Many people go one shade lighter, and that works well for younger people, but as we age our skin is not as even of a tone. Those little spots start showing up. A lighter color does Read more [...]

Diary of Abuse September 2000

  Dear Diary, I made the mistake today talking to Roger about getting a job. It ended in me having a black eye and several kicks to my upper leg. It hurts to walk or bend down. There is a bruise the size of a baseball. Will I ever go a week without a bruise on my body? I can’t keep doing this. **** confronted me today at work. He knows what’s going on. He said he can see it on my face and in my eyes, and in the bruises that he can see on my arms. He said noone runs into things that often, Read more [...]