A Success Story: – Infidelity – I Didn’t Let His Affair Destroy Me

“There are all kinds of ways for a relationship to be tested, even broken, some, irrevocably; it’s the endings we’re unprepared for.” ― Katherine Owen, Not To Us About two years ago, I thought my life was falling apart. After the death of one of my parents, I found out my husband was having an affair and he walked out on my son and me at the weakest moment in my life. I sat in my house with my son who was a toddler, and didn’t understand what I did to deserve to lose my father and the Read more [...]

Civil Partnership

  Even though same sex ‘marriages’ are not recognized in the UK - yet - civil partnerships can fall foul to the same fate as heterosexual marriages; failure. If you are a in a civil partnership, you do have the same entitlement when it comes to property rights, pension benefits and inheritance tax exemptions and if you have children, you can obtain parental responsibility for your partner’s children. In much the same way as a marriage, the process for the legal dissolution of your Read more [...]

Divorced and Scared NO More Author Updates

    *************************************** Thank you so much for your support of DASNM.  On November 14 we will have been on the internet for 1 year.  Time has flown by and this one woman blog has turned into a website with over 20 contributors.   All the contributors and I would like you to know we appreciate your feedback, comments and emails so very much.  If you see any way we can improve the website or anything you would like to share with others PLEASE don’t hesitate to let Read more [...]

Be The Expert of Your Own Life

I often get asked what my greatest passion is, not just in interviews or Q&A sessions after talks, but by friends as well.  That's always been a difficult question for me to answer, as I have so many different pursuits that I'm highly passionate about.  Friends know that I have a huge passion for writing books on the topics of relationships and dating, they know I have a passion for domestic violence work, a passion for giving talks on relationships, and a passion for countless other things.  Read more [...]

“The Pre-Nup”

    “Do you love me?” He asked “If you do will you sign a pre-nup?  Verifying before knot tying  Our accumulated stuff  Remains our sole property, should we  Commit adultery when there’s a passionate lull  End it because of irreconcilable  Differences…    …Or if our marriage is annulled”   “Do you love me?” She sighed “If so will you sign the pre-nup I supplied?  Validating that after consummating  Our lives will be one, but we will Read more [...]

A Mentor… is the Fastest Way to Get Extraordinary Results

  Are you a single again after 5, 10, 20 or 30 years of marriage? YOU ARE NOT ALONE! I am with you every step of the way!  A Mentor... is the Fastest Way to Get Extraordinary Results     Are any of the following concerns keeping you up at night? - How do I communicate or deal with my ex when it comes to our children? - Will I always feel this lonely? - I can't seem to get out of my own way or move my life forward. Help! - What do I really want to do with my life? What's my Read more [...]

Make Sure You Have all the documentation

  If you are on the run up to leaving your soon-to-be-ex, be sure to compile a checklist of important documentation you need to take with you and tick every item off in turn.  In addition to these items for you if you have children make sure you have all the documentation that you will need for them. Make sure you have your birth certificate, your passport (and those for your children if applicable), also your driving license paperwork, key ID cards and papers, mortgage details, bank Read more [...]

Dating after Divorce: Most Common Dating Mistakes by Women

Taking a plunge into the dating world again after a divorce, you may find yourself making the same dating mistakes over again. These are some of the most common dating mistakes committed by women. It is important to recognize and understand them so that you will avoid repeating the same in your next dates. 1.    Approaching Men First. Although most conventional dating advice encourages women to take the first step by flirting and striking a conversation, most of the women, who are struggling Read more [...]

They May be Your Ex but You Still NEED the Paperwork

        Just because the divorce is final and your ex is now officially your ex, be sure to compile a checklist of important documentation you need to keep and tick every item off in turn.   A copy of your ex's birth certificate, any key ID cards and papers, mortgage details and any other loan information, bank cards, cheque books and your marriage certificate, and the final divorcee decree will be invaluable bits of paper in the years ahead. You need this information Read more [...]

Two Things to NOT do With Your EX!

There are several things you’ll do well to give a wide berth to during and after your divorce; here are two that should be high on the list. Making drunken phone calls to and having sex with your ex. The former goes without saying if one has their sane head screwed on, yet apparently, it is remarkably common with recent research suggesting that one in 5 indulge intimately with their ex spouse. If it’s unprotected, it has the potential to deliver a whole new box of complicated frogs to the party. That Read more [...]