“What If I Should lose It? (The Breakdown Part I)”

                  What if I should lose it? I mean lose it way off track Let myself be led astray by Leaps of faith in cognac   Plus Or minus - choose it Will you cut a friend some slack? Evangelize my change of heart Rope my hope and bring me back?   Grace my life with music Orchestrate my faltered flack Nourish me with something other than a smoke or six-pack Ego won’t refuse it – if I’m quickened by a light snack…   …What Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Meditation

Meditation can guide you through a welcoming doorway to inner peace, and you don’t have to be a Buddhist to do it. The ensuing respite can bring reliable if temporary, release from all the pressures bearing down on your shoulders. All that’s required is a pocketful of quiet time, a warm space, a pillow to sit on that will encourage you to sit upright with your back straight, or you could always lie comfortably if you prefer. Music stores, your local library, or a  guided mediation section Read more [...]

Developing a new YOU™ – Lets Talk with Tony Haynes!

      The special guest Mr.Tony Haynes II Lyricst / Producer / Writer joins me today on this episode of Tony's latest project called the Painist and the Poet debuts soon. Tony is the master of Acroustic poetry. As a lyricist/songwriter/music publisher, Tony has accomplished a great deal. “Send A Little Love,” - his first song, was recorded by the Spinners in 1981. Since then, Tony’s songs have been recorded on over 200 albums, selling in excess of 70 million copies worldwide. Read more [...]

Night Magic Walks and A Date That Showed Me I Can

    Dark nights hold a magical attraction. Dark winter nights, especially. Primeval powers swirling around me, luring me, drawing me into their grasp, removing the scales from my eyes to reveal the inner vortexes of the night universe, of my connections with the divine. Smelling the brine of the ocean in Long Island Sound at low tide, the aromas were even more sweet in the blackened panorama when competing visual inputs are absent. And sounds! Oh My Dear Sweet God, what sounds I hear Read more [...]

Be Grateful Your Audience is Smaller

    If you think you are having a rough time of it with your divorce, be glad you’re not a celebrity. Their high profile ding dongs play out in front of audiences of millions of adoring fans and invariably, the media will favor one side of the partnership. The ‘bad guy’ will be hung, drawn and quartered in front of their friends, family and those who appreciate their acting/music/writing etc. You can almost guarantee that whatever spin is being put on their story, it’s a world away Read more [...]

Coping With Life After Divorce

It’s never easy to cope with life or face the repercussions of a broken marriage or a breakup of a long term relationship. Whatever may be the reason of your split and whether you wanted the break up or not doesn’t really matter much! The unwavering truth is that a divorce can knock the wind away from your sails, trigger all types of unsettling and painful feelings and turn your entire world upside down. Realizing that you are all alone to deal with crucial issues such as children, career Read more [...]

Think you’re too old to start over? Think again!

  It comes as a shock, doesn't it, the end of a marriage or long-term relationship? Whatever happened, whichever one of you decided to call it quits or whether it was an amicable, mutual decision, the gargantuan life changes that ensue can feel quite overwhelming. There are probably questions swimming around and around... What happened? Why me? What next?!  Think you're too old to start over? Think again! Time will help with these questions but meditation will give you peace of mind in the Read more [...]

It is Your Time to Grow Strong

  People would say "I'm single", but well, to me, that sounds rather mean. It sounds like they were trying to say "I'm alone" or "I have nobody to love" That's not true because I have my friends, I have my family, I have my music. I would rather say "I'm free" It sounds better. Often we grow strong when someone ends the relationship and sets us free.  More often than not we grow even more powerful when we let someone go. Bear in mind, you are too fabulous to fit in. It is better to be hated Read more [...]

Small Packages

  By Gretchen Schiller “I tired, Mommy.” Three-year-old Ana Lu leaned into me and wrapped her arms around my leg. “I know, Sweetie, me too,” I replied. This was the sixth apartment we’d looked at today. Ana Lu had hit her limit two apartments ago. I hit mine six apartments ago. The landlord jostled the key and opened the door. Ana Lu froze. I knew what she was thinking. Ick. I agreed. Ick. I gently nudged Ana Lu through the threshold of the door. We had to do the obligatory walk Read more [...]