Gifts for Daddy

  By Gretchen Schiller For all of us moms, married or divorced, Christmas is only two weeks away. (Yikes!) It’s time to start getting our children excited about buying gifts for their dad. Stocking stuffers are especially fun to buy because…well…they’re cheap! We can buy a bunch of ‘em without breaking the bank. Let’s brainstorm gift ideas that our children and their dad can enjoy together. Almost everything on the list below is $1. Every mom knows the Target Dollar Section Read more [...]

Music Has an Overwhelming Ability to Affect our Emotions

  Music has an overwhelming ability to affect our emotions and alter our state of mind, both adversely and positively. At times when the dreaded divorce paperwork is bearing down upon you, or you have an inordinate amount of form filling in to do, it can help enormously if you have something playing in the background that soothes you while you do so. You probably know what genre of music is likely to work best for you and if you are unable to invest in a new collection, explore the music Read more [...]

Be Grateful Your Audience is Smaller

    If you think you are having a rough time of it with your divorce, be glad you’re not a celebrity. Their high profile ding dongs play out in front of audiences of millions of adoring fans and invariably, the media will favor one side of the partnership. The ‘bad guy’ will be hung, drawn and quartered in front of their friends, family and those who appreciate their acting/music/writing etc. You can almost guarantee that whatever spin is being put on their story, it’s a world away Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – You are Worthy of Patience and Self-Love

Learn to love every inch of you, including any wrinkly, saggy, old, achy or well-worn bits. Collectively, they go to make up the whole that is you and you deserve love in the highest degree. This best starts with recalibrating the view we have of ourselves and loving who we are. Invest in a long, hot relaxing bath with some of your favorite aromatherapy oils in the water, lavender and rose geranium are soothing and healing. Add a little music and gentle lighting and wash your body slowly, don’t Read more [...]

What Led You To Her? Decisions Made In Childhood?

    Our emotional histories depend on little decisions which, however small, are irreversible.  ___ One of the questions people often ask a married man is, “How did you meet your wife?” The question is loaded, of course, and an answer like, “Well, I was hanging out at this party in Linz and ran into a girl in a kitchen,” won’t suffice. Emotional histories fascinate us; the question is asking for a rich narrative. It’s a disguise for this: “What led you to fall for her?” ♦◊♦ I Read more [...]

“What If I Should lose It? (The Breakdown Part I)”

                  What if I should lose it? I mean lose it way off track Let myself be led astray by Leaps of faith in cognac   Plus Or minus - choose it Will you cut a friend some slack? Evangelize my change of heart Rope my hope and bring me back?   Grace my life with music Orchestrate my faltered flack Nourish me with something other than a smoke or six-pack Ego won’t refuse it – if I’m quickened by a light snack…   …What Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Meditation

Meditation can guide you through a welcoming doorway to inner peace, and you don’t have to be a Buddhist to do it. The ensuing respite can bring reliable if temporary, release from all the pressures bearing down on your shoulders. All that’s required is a pocketful of quiet time, a warm space, a pillow to sit on that will encourage you to sit upright with your back straight, or you could always lie comfortably if you prefer. Music stores, your local library, or a  guided mediation section Read more [...]

Developing a new YOU™ – Lets Talk with Tony Haynes!

      The special guest Mr.Tony Haynes II Lyricst / Producer / Writer joins me today on this episode of Tony's latest project called the Painist and the Poet debuts soon. Tony is the master of Acroustic poetry. As a lyricist/songwriter/music publisher, Tony has accomplished a great deal. “Send A Little Love,” - his first song, was recorded by the Spinners in 1981. Since then, Tony’s songs have been recorded on over 200 albums, selling in excess of 70 million copies worldwide. Read more [...]

Night Magic Walks and A Date That Showed Me I Can

    Dark nights hold a magical attraction. Dark winter nights, especially. Primeval powers swirling around me, luring me, drawing me into their grasp, removing the scales from my eyes to reveal the inner vortexes of the night universe, of my connections with the divine. Smelling the brine of the ocean in Long Island Sound at low tide, the aromas were even more sweet in the blackened panorama when competing visual inputs are absent. And sounds! Oh My Dear Sweet God, what sounds I hear Read more [...]