A Divorce Party?

      There’s a growing trend in the US for a divorce party at some point after the divorce is final and they seem to be catching on and gathering strength in the UK too. Whilst I understand the significance of celebrating the fact that this unpredictable period is over, I’m not entirely sure I get wedding ring coffins and black iced cakes with plastic icons of dead grooms perched on the top, but it seems the commercial wheels still turn even for the most morose of life events. The Read more [...]

No Magic Recipe for a Fast Fix

    Stress-busting can become an occupational hazard while you tread water through and after a turbulent divorce.   It can easily blow up and manifest into physical symptoms that leave you feeling utterly depleted, void of all confidence and unable to focus on the here and now.   I wish I could give you a magic recipe for a fast fix, unfortunately I cannot, but I can tell you that things don’t have to play out as a foregone conclusion.   You might think that you Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Sunrise is Another day Closer

  Find out what time the sun rises on TimeAndDate.com (http://www.timeanddate.com), pack some eye protection and plan a trip out to a local viewpoint to watch the start of a brand new day. Sunrise happens surprisingly quickly and if you've never taken the time to observe it before you might be surprised to see how speedily the Sun lifts from the horizon. At times,  it may felt as though your divorce moved like slow flowing lava, but take solace in the fact that YOU ARE “that Sun rising.” Read more [...]

What to do With Things They Left Behind???

    If you have a garden shed full of your ex-partners tools and DIY equipment and they have no interest in removing them, it’s worth exploring the less painful routes to ridding yourself of them and ceasing those constant, niggling reminders. Whatever you do, don't throw the items out with the rubbish! ... A little bit of internet research will uncover several charities who would benefit enormously from your generosity and would be delighted to take them off of your hands. Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – You are Worthy of Patience and Self-Love

Learn to love every inch of you, including any wrinkly, saggy, old, achy or well-worn bits. Collectively, they go to make up the whole that is you and you deserve love in the highest degree. This best starts with recalibrating the view we have of ourselves and loving who we are. Invest in a long, hot relaxing bath with some of your favorite aromatherapy oils in the water, lavender and rose geranium are soothing and healing. Add a little music and gentle lighting and wash your body slowly, don’t Read more [...]

Keep the Thoughts in Your Head

  If you reach the point where you wish your ex were dead, you really need to step back from the plate and find some clarity and sense in the layers of that morbid thought.   There’s thinking it, there’s saying it out loud to yourself, there’s telling someone else and there’s telling the ex.   The elevation from the primary to the latter is quite a jump and the last two might get you into all sorts of trouble if, by some incredible twist of fate, they met an untimely end.   Yelling, Read more [...]

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Talk to You Doctor

      Adrenaline is a naturally occurring chemical event in your body, which you have limited control over. It often kicks in when your body is in a fight or flight situation and can occur when you feel most vulnerable. A rush of it can result in your legs going physically wobbly, your hands shaking and voice quavering. Don’t worry, it can be calmed and rectified with medication from your doctor, and it’s worth making an appointment to speak to them to discuss it. It may Read more [...]

Your Estate, Chattel and Children

     Recently, I've covered some pretty grounding topics, namely death, your estate, children and money; today it’s time to blend these in the same tip. The time period between splitting up and getting the ball-of-divorce rolling can be a little grey in respect of your worth following an untimely demise, despite the fact that you might think once you’re living independently from your ex, what’s yours really is yours. If you have children, it is unsurprisingly layered in even more Read more [...]

Hold Onto Your Karmic Thoughts

  When your very soul is being raked across the blades from the scathing mill of divorce and your ex is being thoroughly horrid and behaving completely unjust towards you, try to hold onto karmic thoughts to help you get through it. Many think of karma as the cosmic principle of rewards and punishments for acts performed; in other words, you eventually reap what you sow. Some might say it’s not particularly big or clever to revel in such revenge, but believe me when I tell you, it is unquestionably Read more [...]

Potentially Stressful Mix When Sorting Out a Divorce

  Shared property and children make for an interesting and potentially stressful mix when it comes to sorting out your divorce.   There are a great many critical factors to explore fully with your solicitor, lawyer or the Citizen’s Advice Bureau if you are in the early days of your proceedings and busily collecting information. Topics for discussion will include whether it’s in joint names, whether you have a prenuptial or a cohabitation agreement etc.   If you are married, Read more [...]