Couples Going Through a Divorce PLEASE Explore All Options Regarding the Property You Own

    The following tips will help couples who are going through a divorce explore all options, and aid them in making decisions based upon the best outcome for all involved:     Determine the value of the home, and what equity (or loss) will be split if it is sold. Determine if it makes sense to jointly retain the property for a pre-determined period, and: Allow one spouse remain in the home until it is sold Lease the home to a 3rd party Determine if it makes sense Read more [...]

“Community Property”

              Community property is auctioned Off to the highest bidder Down a totem poll Embittered owners bury beneath a misunderstanding   Remember how King Solomon in his Ever expanding wisdom Decided to cut a baby in half…   …When two mothers claimed the same one?   Community property is the aftermath Of split decisions Drifting away from a future Envisioned when two lovers shame the blamed one   Reasonable people fail Read more [...]