“A Poem With Two Titles: Cut The Cord & Weaned”

                    “A Poem With Two Titles: Cut The Cord & Weaned”   Cut the cord according to your Own desire to be weaned Remove you before you are Demeaned   Claim the sword Of Camelot Romance the guillotine Defend a dream, a dreamer and be weaned   Cut off completely from anything Outside love’s glory Ripped away neatly from every thing Derogatory   Carve out accords supporting your Opposition Read more [...]

Dating after Divorce: Most Common Dating Mistakes by Women

Taking a plunge into the dating world again after a divorce, you may find yourself making the same dating mistakes over again. These are some of the most common dating mistakes committed by women. It is important to recognize and understand them so that you will avoid repeating the same in your next dates. 1.    Approaching Men First. Although most conventional dating advice encourages women to take the first step by flirting and striking a conversation, most of the women, who are struggling Read more [...]

Relationships – Domestic Violence

    When you are young everything revolves around relationships...your relationship with your family, your relationships with your friends and peers, and your romantic relationships.  As we age and grow into who we are as people it is natural for the focus to be less on relationships with others and more on the relationship we have with ourselves; however, even as adults that often isn't the case. In our society we put a lot of emphasis on romantic love.  We watch romantic comedies, Read more [...]

Single and Dating with Children

  Single again and dating is tough enough but when you have children keep these things in mind! Dating is tough, but in many ways it is more difficult for those who are divorced. Combined with the fears of being out of practice there are often children's feelings to take into consideration. Just how can a single parent enjoy a new romance without lying awake during the night worrying about doing emotional harm to their children? Oprah Radio host Rabbi Shmuley said “Bring your children Read more [...]

How do you define “Romance”?

How do you define “Romance”?   Is the definition of “romance” always something that involves two people?  Two people in love?  …and today is Valentine’s day…and maybe there isn’t a romantic partner on the horizon???  Is this an iron clad recipe for disappointment and despair? Let’s test the Sassy Zen spin here and consider the possibilities of a different point of view.   If you were romancing someone, what would that look like? What would it feel like to be Read more [...]

Deal Breakers vs. Checklist

  In the world of dating, people have been encouraged to create and have a checklist when looking for a  potential partner. On this list, people include race, religion, political views, age, financial status, children, how many times married, if your family/ friends would like them, education, their personal habits, and the lists can go on and on. These lists can easily become endless and more often than not unrealistic. Most of us are fairly average and ordinary people. The biggest problem Read more [...]

Spring Cleaning for the Soul

  With it being spring time, we begin to think about tasks around the home we have put off all winter: cleaning out the garage, washing the windows, and the like.  What we don't commonly think about is taking time to clean the clutter we have accumulated within ourselves over the previous year.  Just as spring ushers in the rebirth of flowers and new life in nature, so too can we usher in new health and a rebirth of purpose. Spring is the perfect season to take the time to evaluate those Read more [...]

How Do I Know When I am Ready to Date

  Dating after divorce may feel strange, but go out with the intention of enjoying the date and having a good time. Your date may lead to romance, or you may not click, you won't know until you go. You're single now, and your life is full of opportunities.     For more information about life after divorce and dating check out http://divorcedandscarednomore.com/wh... http://divorcedandscarednomore.com/?s... http://divorcedandscarednomore.com/wa... Read more [...]

To Marry or Not to Marry- the Dilemma of Love and Marriage After Divorce

Many people who undergo a divorce take a significant amount of time to come out of the trauma. The question of dating and love does not feature on their list of priorities at all. However, with work time is a great healer and you can overcome the shock and trauma of the divorce. Then be able to embrace the happiness that love and romance can bring into a life. However, if infidelity was the cause of the divorce, it may take a little longer for a person to be able to trust a person and fall in Read more [...]

“Romance & Finance”

    Romance & finance go hand in hand Outside of and into the promise land Downsized & up-sized to something grand…   …They spin & they spend us around   Romance & finance are joined at the hip Often bound by a fingertip Drawn out and drawn in through kissable lips…   …In case hand in hand has permissible slips  And what we wind up has unwound   Rush in a checkbook to save the day On my account Debit correct looks to pave the Read more [...]