Deals on Used Exercise Equipment

    Working out at home can save the monthly expense of a gym membership. It is also nice to have equipment, in addition to your gym membership, in case you have to stay home and take care of the kids..... Exercise equipment can be a substantial investment not only for your wallet but also your health. Buying used exercise equipment can unquestionably save you thousands of dollars. You have to know what to look for and when not to buy. Many times people buy a room full of good intentions, Read more [...]

ThredUp: Children’s Clothing Swap

      Buying clothes for kids can get expensive! I will never forget when my nephew grew twelve inches in twelve months. Kids just grow so fast most of the time they don’t have a chance to wear anything out. Dress clothes are so expensive, and many time kids will only wear them a few times before they have outgrown them. When my kids were young we made use of the local consignment store. There is a new type of consignment store, and it is online. Many people are saving money Read more [...]

Money Savers and Feeding a Family for Under a $1 a Serving

  Super Saver Erin Libranda yearly grocery budget is $800. That is not only for her, but her entire family including her three children and two dogs. Eating out is obviously not an option for this family. She spent many hours in the kitchen trying to come up with healthy good food that her family would enjoy. She has many recipes that are under $1 a serving. Her facebook page is Erin Libranda (Super Saver) the new money savers and freebie seekers! Let's all start finding free stuff, saving Read more [...]

Saving $5 Dollar Bills and Pennies from Heaven

  Phase 1: The Daily Budget   Sticking to your budget and saving money doesn’t have to be hard or boring. You have already created your budget, and you know how much disposable money you have between each check. The first step is to remove any credit or debit cards out of your purse or wallet.   If your paycheck is weekly prepare 7 envelopes, if there are 14 days between checks get 14. Now divide the money into equal amounts for each envelope. If you have implemented the Read more [...]

10 Ways to Saving More and Spending Less

      This is the time to start saving money and spending less. It is hard stretching the income just to meet the bills. Managing money after a divorce is a big job. Here are a few things that will help, and most are really pretty easy to stick to.   1. Create a Budget Identify all your monthly bills and pay them as the paycheck arrives. If your bank/credit union has a bill paying system use it. This is a very good tool to help keep you organized and pay all your bills Read more [...]

Can’t Fix it? Find Somebody That Can!

    Three months after my 21st birthday, I was in an automobile accident, I went through the windshield. On my way back in to the car, the person hit us again. There was extensive damage to my face, back, neck and mouth. Luckily for me, a plastic surgeon was on call, and I had my first surgery that day. Everywhere I have lived since that point, I have had a plastic surgeon as one of my doctors. I believe that if you can’t fix it find someone qualified that can! Anytime there is something Read more [...]