The Internet, Your Ex and the Legal System

  Social media and various other mediums have now become a very acceptable form of evidence for court cases. Did you know that about 80% of attorneys use information from social networking sites as evidence in divorce cases and custody hearings? This area for fact finding has been growing at a tremendous rate for the past six years. Social media has made it much harder to keep information from your ex - they're able to find out everything you're doing. Even though, you think you have "hidden" Read more [...]

Tips on Getting Over Your Ex: 7 Tips

    “There came a time when the risk to remain tight in the bud was more painful than the risk it took to blossom.” - Anais Nin   Getting over your ex is rarely a quick and easy, very often it is complicated by all the things you have in common still have in common: children, pets, friends, things you did and even where you live. I have put together some tips I have used to help me get past the loss of the relationship.   Get Closure – The relationship has broken up, Read more [...]

How to Get Over Your Ex

    There is not anything worse than ending a relationship, and after the relationship ends, it can take a while to get over. There is research that shows it takes exactly half as long as you have been with someone to get over them. This may or may not be true but you can do a few things to speed the process along. These are just a few tips to make the burn feel a little cooler. Don’t rebound though, I know you feel like a new flame will make the hurt go away, but it will just place Read more [...]

Hold Your Composure, Bite Your Tongue and Rise AboveTemptation.

    If your divorce went badly (and let’s face it, few of them go without an upset hitch) and you have children, you may have to face up to the reality that you might end up in court. Hold your composure! This last resort route is expensive for all concerned, both emotionally and financially and it’s potentially excruciatingly painful for your children. Despite any vile behaviors exhibited by your ex, you must fight and resist the urge to go on to your favorite social media outlets Read more [...]

Your Ex, the Internet and Social Media Part 1 – “Trashing Your Ex on Social Media?”

      Your divorce is final, and now you may think it’s okay to start trashing your on social media, well think again. Anything you post can and in many cases will be used against you. This is especially true if you have children. Many times a person has posted comments and photos about their fun night out and the next thing they know they are in court explaining what they were doing and why those comments were made. Don't worry you won't have to tell your ex about your life. Read more [...]