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Fast Track YOUR New Life with these two free offers!   Wondering how to turn those lemons that life threw at you into your Zesty Lemon sorbet faster!  Below you will find Information to contact Joaine and receive your FREE 30 minute coaching session and if you scroll a little further you will find the link to get your FREE Sassy Zen EBook from Lillian.   Please enjoy these two Free Offers From Divorce and Scared NO More, Joanie and Lillian.   DASNM has a complimentary 30 minute coaching Read more [...]

Divorced and Scared NO More Author Updates

    *************************************** Thank you so much for your support of DASNM.  On November 14 we will have been on the internet for 1 year.  Time has flown by and this one woman blog has turned into a website with over 20 contributors.   All the contributors and I would like you to know we appreciate your feedback, comments and emails so very much.  If you see any way we can improve the website or anything you would like to share with others PLEASE don’t hesitate to let Read more [...]

Want to Share? – Writers Needed – Share Your Story!

    Here’s your chance to share your stories and photos on You need not be a professional writer. The most important thing to know is this: to be published in, your piece must be told as a story — as a narrative (as if you are telling your friend) — it must be your original work and no ex-bashing. is maintained by a small team so we ask your help when submitting stories. Please let us know what category you feel you article would fit best in. Here Read more [...]

Infidelity and You

It comes with many names, and rarely is it ever accepted – infidelity is one of the single worst acts somebody can commit in a relationship. Trying to deal with the act of cheating, or adultery, can be quite a difficult thing to deal with. The emotional dilemmas as well as psychological barriers it can creates in someone’s mind can be very hard to get over. Whether you have been the victim of infidelity, or have left a relationship because of your own actions, trying to understand just why Read more [...]

Your Online Dating Profile is an Advertisement About You!

    A question that I receive very often is “how do I make a good online dating profile?”  First, I would like to emphasis you are not writing a book, you must tell the truth about everything and have current photos.  Look at your profile as a little advertisement about you.  Keeping in mind you are competing in a market that all the other people doing the same type of ad.  You want your ad to stand out as different from all the rest.  It is a fact that most people scroll Read more [...]

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Divorce is Not the End of the World but a New Beginning

  Divorce is not the end of the world but a new beginning or new chapter in your life. Remember, things happen for a reason and you need to realize there is support for you to get on with your life. There's no need to feel alone and you need to open the book to a new chapter in your life.  Divorced and Scared No More is here for that and so much more.             So, who is behind this website you ask. Her name is Tasher and she knows first-hand what you Read more [...]

Kiwi Sorbet

    Instructions for our Kiwi Sorbet   8 kiwis, peeled 4 Tbsp honey Juice of 1 lemon   Peel kiwis and place in a food processor or blender.  Pulse until well blended into a thick puree.  Add honey and lemon juice.  Blend. Pour into a shallow container and freeze.  Or use an ice cream maker. Serve when sorbet is frozen.   Recipe originally posted on Super Healthy Kids.  The experts in making fruits & vegetables simply, fun, & delicious! The blogs Read more [...]

Triple Layer Berry Sorbet

     Triple Layer Berry Sorbet     Prep time: 4 mins Total time: 4 mins   Ingredients 1 cup frozen blackberries 2 tablespoons plain yogurt (plus extra for layering) 1 tablespoon orange juice concentrate. 1 cup fresh blackberries (or thawed)   Instructions Add 1 cup frozen berries, 2 tablespoon plain yogurt, and the orange juice concentrate in a high powered blender. Blend until smooth. Layer in a cup thawed or fresh berries, sorbet, and plain Read more [...]