“I Don’t Live On The Edge”

    I don’t live on the edge   Good thing I don’t live there Even with my buttons pushed To the edge is like my cupboard’s bare   Empty probably best describes My panoramic hedges Oh sure I might seem edgy Tough and rough around the edges I don’t live on the edge Otherwise if I should fall No one would be there to catch me And I would regret Life after all     Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out  these and some of my other books Read more [...]

“Reverse Psychology”

                 “Reverse Psychology”     Reverse psychology accelerates Emotions to fast forward Convincing them true hell awaits Our eyes as they look toward God’s mythology through pure debates Not worthy of attention It is God who daily demonstrates That with His intervention In an apology one separates Our blessed ones from our cursed Nipping in the bud – the dire straights…   …Psychology reversed       Follow Read more [...]

“A Poem With Two Titles: Cut The Cord & Weaned”

                    “A Poem With Two Titles: Cut The Cord & Weaned”   Cut the cord according to your Own desire to be weaned Remove you before you are Demeaned   Claim the sword Of Camelot Romance the guillotine Defend a dream, a dreamer and be weaned   Cut off completely from anything Outside love’s glory Ripped away neatly from every thing Derogatory   Carve out accords supporting your Opposition Read more [...]

“Remember The Rice”

                  Remember the rice It was all so nice Comforting too Even though we didn’t know what hit us until it did   Rice engrained then strained us It became the same as the love that waned & detained us Conventionally in a pressure cooker Even when we couldn’t keep it under a lid   Rice was thrown at us by every spectator It was later high & dried Categorically denied Even in good riddance it would Read more [...]

“Divorce Is The Unraveling Of Attraction”

    Did we do something wrong in mid spree? If we stayed together too long, did we Violate a sacred trust? Overlook what’s Right for us? Convince me Each thing we took in spite was just Do that and I will endorse any course of action?   Divorce Is the unraveling of attraction? Vehement with venom like no other One bite Reduced two people to tears Convinced that Ending it might lead them to another Destined to make up for a break up…   …That broke through Read more [...]

“Overwhelmed By Sadness”

             “Overwhelmed By Sadness”     I’m overwhelmed by sadness and I’ve tried To get past it but I can’t   Heartbreak is a bumpy giant slide Unique with its own sentimental slant Recurring is the product of my grief The anguish followed by the disbelief Sequestered with no hope of sheer delight…   …Here comes another lonely sleepless night   So what am I to do now at my worst? Overwhelmed by the sadness Read more [...]

“The Sensation Of Your Kiss”

  Needing the sensation Of Your kiss Was the spark that sparked all this I’d been blessed but felt no bliss More or less my mind was made up – to only just exist But being lost in the sensation of your kiss Exposed what I had missed Though it was always at my fingertips The touching of our lips Enabled me to come to grips – with the passion in our midst Receive your love, give you love… …And now my tender heart insists I live for the sensation of your kiss   Follow me on Facebook Read more [...]

“Right On, Write On, Rite On”

      Right on, write on, rite on And what of these phrases three? No difference in this trio phonetically Decipher them through spelling Or the tale that I am telling More compelling than I thought myself to be   Truly right is how I feel inside Having something to write about On the crest of my rite of passage Under then over & out Gateways to growth have taught me that it’s Healing to turn the light on This is the road to redemption So right on, write Read more [...]

“That’s When You Know Why You’re Here”

    When someone close to you dies Heartbreak is bound to appear A part of you dies too, but That’s when you know why you’re here   And when your head is clear   Discovery leads to a portal In which the full grasp of a mortal Finds the impulses of God Far more transparent than odd Enabling a soul held at bay Respite to go on one more day Enduring the ultimate war Nibbling away at your core Converting your heart through each tear… Ever closer you grow Read more [...]

“An Ode To Your Sense Of Entitlement”

        O  h, silver spoon fed D ilettante E at your heart out if you want O pen wide thy mouth for me D ine upon this E dible entity   O n a platter I’ll serve a delicate term D elicious E fficient, never idle spent   O ver matters chit-chatter D iscerns, to appease your sense of E ntitlement // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ // < ![CDATA[ // ]]> Amazon.com Widgets    Follow me on Facebook Tony Haynes Check out  these and some of my other books Read more [...]