First Holiday Season After Divorce

    After months of anger and not speaking my then-husband left and a divorce was in the process on an early September morning. Soon after came my 50th birthday, Thanksgiving, Christmas followed by our 25th wedding anniversary. Those dates were extremely tough to bear alone, and it was very hard. These are a few things I wish I had known that first holiday season after the divorce started.  As I present these tidbits, think about your life and how you truly feel.  Hopefully it can Read more [...]

Post Divorce Christmas Part 4 – Divorced Parents and Christmas with Children

  Divorced Parents and Christmas with Children The first thing you should know is that you are not the only one spending the holidays alone. Christmas and other seasonal holidays can be difficult if you are newly divorced. It can be tougher when there are children involved. It is tough but do-able. Separated families often feel that someone else is having a better Christmas than them. This is not true. They may also feel distressed worrying about their children especially if they are spending Read more [...]

Yoga Position Chart and Meditation Information

   Yoga Position Chart from         Click Here for a FREE Yoga Merchandise Giveaway! Click Here for a FREE Yoga Pose Guide! Search Hundreds of Yoga Download Classes    Pragito Dove Meditation Links and Information     Pragito Dove Meditation and Emotional Healing Pragito teaches us about laughter meditation and takes us through a guided meditation exercise that you can do along with us.  As they say, laughter is the best Read more [...]

Tips to Get Through the Holiday Season After a Divorce

Here are some tips to get through the holiday season after a divorce!   Getting divorced or separated was never going to be easy. But why make it worse by punishing yourself during the best time of the year, which has to be Christmas. All you need is to plan out things in advance before it gets to you. Things will be different and also, difficult, it is best to prepare yourself and your children, if you have any, mentally and emotionally for the holiday season. If you have separated Read more [...]

Post Divorce Christmas Part 5 – Creating Family Traditions after Divorce

  The holiday season is a wonderful time for all the families. The time from Thanksgiving through New Year’s Day is especially important for families as they signify a time of love and togetherness. And all of a sudden, with a pound of the gavel, the term “holidays” mean entirely something else. Not only is it very different from the usual holiday celebration, the first time spending holidays alone could be aptly described in just one word “clueless”. If you don’t have children, Read more [...]

Who’s on first – Naughty or Nice? Five ways to make it easier to choose “Nice.”

    By Gretchen Schiller Abbott and Costello: Who’s on first. What’s on second. I don’t know is on third. Why’s in left field. Tomorrow’s the pitcher. Today’s the catcher. Naturally, Who’s on first. I don’t give a damn’s the shortstop. Co-parenting Team: Who’s at mom’s home? Who’s at dad’s home? What’s the plan? I don’t know if we will all be together Christmas day. Why’s this so complicated? Tomorrow will be easier. (Wel-l-l-l. Let’s make that next Read more [...]

Post Divorce Christmas Part 3 – Keeping up the Holiday Spirits after a Divorce

  If this is your first Holiday Season as single and divorced, there is no need to worry! Are wondering how you are going to survive this holiday season single and alone? This time of the year may bring up many memories of happier Christmases in the past, the family being together and celebrating the holidays together as a family. There is no need to feel sad when you see other married couples celebrating together as with the tips mentioned below, you may have a much happier holiday ahead! • Read more [...]

Post Divorce Christmas Part 2 – Questions that will Help You Move Beyond the Holiday Blues

  One of the most important things to do to get rid of the holiday stress is to redefine your life and what you really value you in your life. You may choose to ask these same questions to your kids as well. With the input of all those dear to you, you would be able to focus on the activities that matter to you the most during this holiday season. • What is it that you love most about the holiday season? What is it that comes to your mind right away? Maybe you love a hot steaming cup of Read more [...]

Time to Make New Holiday Traditions After Divorce

    The first holiday season after divorce can be quite hard because it may mean it’s the first holiday you’ve spent alone. Many families have holiday traditions, and if you’re family is newly separated or divorced it can be difficult to figure out the new holiday traditions after divorce. Whether the tradition was ordering Chinese takeout on Thanksgiving, or opening presents in new Christmas pajamas-you’re lost as to what to do now that you’re alone for the holidays.   There Read more [...]

This Week’s Forecast: Moody

    By Gretchen Schiller My sleepy eyes open. They slowly scan the room. Ugh. Head pounding. Shooting neck pains. Mental note: don’t move neck.  Empty beer bottles on side table. Then a hand. A nasty, stomach-turning orange fingered hand. That is disgusting. Whose is that? More importantly what is that? Why the hell is that hand covered in revolting orange dust? Are those…Cheetos? Cheetos? My bloated belly. My orange fingers. My post sleep-on-couch neck pain. Ugh. Gross. Read more [...]