Extreme Body and Diet Makeovers That Work!

  Find the simple secrets in this video that will help to radically change your body in a few short months! From how often to eat and what to eat, we;ll share with you the program the pro's use to keep their bodies in great shape.     Extreme Diet Makeover.. Meal Secrets that Work!           If you are ready to see a dramatic change in your body, this workout will work for everyone! Learn the secrets to creating a new body, and a new you, in just Read more [...]

Always Ask if There is Something About Them You Need to Know

    Going to the gym not only will you feel better and look better but most of the time you will also have a good view. One day I noticed a gentleman that was the appropriate age, about 6 ft. 3 in., handsome and very physically fit. Our workout schedule seemed to be around the same time. One day, I was trying to adjust a weight machine, but it seemed to be stuck. I can be a little on the stubborn side, and I wasn’t going to let this machine get the better of me. I started really trying Read more [...]

*** My Own Diva’s Survival Tips ***

    The Divorced Diva'sTen survival tips for after your divorce: Divorced Diva survival tip #1: Change your thoughts and you change your world...don't be the victim anymore...BE the SURVIVOR starting now!   Divorced Diva survival tip #2: Throw yourself into a hobby...maybe something you have ALWAYS wanted to do but didn't have the time before. Right now it is important to STAY BUSY and keep going! I bought myself a nice camera and took up photography. What hobby will you take Read more [...]

Inspirational Quotes #33

Inspirational Quotes "Love is always full time never part time, never sometimes and certainly not just on your time." - Michael K. Williams “Today, I am choosing to change my life. I am reaching out for help. I am admitting that I can’t do it alone. It takes courage to face my problems and deal with them. I will not run from them anymore. I am a survivor.”- Celebrating Freedom "Every parent should remember that one day his son will follow their example instead of their advice!" - Unknown "Free Read more [...]

HardCORE Yoga with Weights™ Mini Bootcamp – 25 min

        Are you ready to sweat? This 25 minute mini boot-camp class is jam packed with yoga flow, cardio drills, toning, and core movements to strengthen and tone your body from head to toe. Truly a total body stretch and workout, our Hard Core Yoga with Weights classes are designed to take your fitness to a new level while providing a fresh practice to keep things interesting. If you enjoy this class be sure to check out the super-challenging longer Hard Core Yoga with Read more [...]

Gentle Hatha Yoga 2 – 25 min version by YogaDownload

    If you enjoy this Gentle Hatha yoga class, be sure to check out the longer versions, as well as TONS of other great classes from Jackie Casal Mahrou, available on our website: yogadownload This is the second installment of our highly regarded series of slow and gentle yoga classes that will soothe and relax you like nothing else. More like a massage than a workout, this class is gentle and restorative and will leave your muscles feeling relaxed, and your mind calm and tranquil. From Read more [...]

Is Someone Trying to Catfish me or is this Person Real?

  Many times when using an online dating site, the person that you read about does not match the person typing in the information. This may be done for many reasons such as; they may be married, a person of the opposite sex, a young person, or someone out to do harm. There are stalkers and some out to steal your identity. There are many from other countries that are trying to get into the states. They are targeting you as their ticket in. Over time, I have learned some of the red flags to Read more [...]

Before and After with Brian Nastovski Author of Just Breathe

   Before                                                    After Before and After The year before the divorce I was personally in the worst physical and emotional shape of my life. I was completely checked out of my marriage and running to my job, beer and food to cope. I had lost who I was my heart and soul and my body was dying due to the stress. The noticeable changes in me were that my fingertips were cracking my hair was falling out I was a size 42 waist, Read more [...]