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The Lighter Side of Divorce

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At DivorcedandScaredNoMore.com, we have often discussed the perils of divorce and the impact it can have on your life. The effects can be so serious; it can leave you with long-lasting effects that you will permanently change you. However, not everything has to be fatal and final – with a more positive outlook, and some perspective, it can be easier to laugh your way through life after divorce rather than cry!

Rather than remembering “that” time of year as the day the fat lady stopped singing for your marriage, consider it the day you were released from your shackles. Every situation has many shades of perception it can be looked at – so why always take the negative shade? You can turn even the most desperate and difficult situations into something worth laughing over.

So how can you turn something as serious as divorce into a laughing matter?

One easy way to do that is by having some perspective. Your marriage may have broken down for reasons that are horrible like adultery or a loss of love for one another. But at least your marriage has broken down for a legitimate reason – there are reports and records of some incredible divorce reasons over the years!

From an addiction to football games to ultimatums over moustaches, divorces are not all the bitter clashes and end of storybook romance it may seem. In fact, some marriages end in the most incredible of circumstances it can be quite difficult to understand how they ever got married in the first place!

Of course, not everybody finds fortune in comparing themselves to others. So how else can you move your divorce into the “Laugh” category?

Try and look for all the positives that you may simply be blanking out at the moment. Look around you – friends may be getting new opportunities or starting relationships of their own, new children may have been brought into the world, anything at all. There is no need to try and find answers you may never have in your grasp like why your marriage failed, so concentrate your thinking towards more positive matters!

Think about all the acrimony that divorces cause – friendships are split, families never speak again. There is no need for your crack in the ice to turn into a full-scale avalanche, so try and resist the temptation to try and make your ex feel bad or guilty about what has transpired. You won’t get anywhere in the world with that type of thinking!



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