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In the New Modern Blended Family — Even if You had Nothing to do with it…




Lindsey and John have the modern blended family. They both had gotten along very well with Johns’ ex-wife until the weekend they were planning to go on vacation with all the kids. It was just an overnight camping trip about an hour from home. When you have six kids, and two are in diapers you don’t travel far.

They picked up Johns kids early because they wanted to set up camp before dark and also needed to run home to resupply a few things like a diaper bag and wipes. Finally, they were on their way but needed to stop at a store for supplies. Lindsey had the responsibility to take the kids for a potty break and diaper changes before they hit the road. John was tasked to pick up a few things and grab an extra tent.

Upon exiting the restroom all three of John and his ex’s children go running up to his ex yelling, “Mommy!” The man whom she was with turns to her and says, “Mommy? I didn’t know you had children…” Then he kept looking at John’s oldest son saying ‘Really, how old are you and is she your mom?” After that, he looked at her and said, “We need to go and talk right now!”

We have determined that she must be in a midlife crisis or something. It turned out he was her new boyfriend, and he was told she didn’t have children! The new beau was about 15 years younger than her, and she had also lied about her age. Somehow this woman has decided it was all Lindsey’s fault that she lost this wonderful man.


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