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God Answers Your Prayer

God is Good All the Time post divorce life



When God created mothers, I believe he put something in us to know when our children need us. It doesn’t matter how many miles they live away, we just know. That doesn’t stop when they become adults they are still our children, with a different number.


A close friend of mine, we will call her Stacey, sat me down one evening to tell me a very moving story about her children. Her youngest son Jason was the one who was always the closest to her as far as needing her guidance and support. He regularly called her and never hesitated to show his love in one-way or another, no matter how old he was. One day though, she noticed some little things about him that were not typical behaviors for Jason. Deciding that something was not quite right, she contacted his Dad, and they decided to take him to a doctor. Fortunately, without going into too many details, they had gotten him there just in time.


On that particular day, she had confided in me that there were many times she did not know if her son Jason would make it. She recalled how she stayed at his side and prayed for his health. Many times she had told me, her oldest son Justin and his girlfriend would join her in prayer. ”Dear God, please let my son live even if it means he will never have anything to do with me again. Just make him healthy and strong again. If you must take someone, take me.” Stacey tried to hold back her tears as she recalled this story to me, but I could see the pain in her eyes that this mother had for her son.


A number of hours later his fever finally broke, the crisis had passed, and he was going to be okay. However, her son was upset and felt that Stacey had over reacted to the situation. As a result of his displaced anger, he started to put some distance between himself and his mother. His phone calls and text messages stopped as well as returning her calls and text messages. In most circumstances, the only way Stacey could find out what was going on in Jason’s` life is if one of his siblings were to relay the information. Her oldest son Justin started noticing the distance that was growing between his Mom and Jason. During Stacey’s last trip to visit them, Justin sat his Mother down and reminded her that God had answered her prayer. He also reminded my friend in time; Jason would be grateful for her action and once again, return her love.


Stacey lived out of state and struggled with the fact that as Jason distanced himself from her he became closer to her ex’s girlfriend. When Stacey found out her ex was getting married she wished them luck but added “I don’t want her to be called Mom.” She didn’t hesitate to tell God that wasn’t included in her prayer! Stacey realized; she may not like that this other woman is so important in her son’s life, but God has put her there for a reason. As our new version of family grows, we must understand they are all pieces to this big puzzle God gave us that we call our life. All the pieces have a reason to be in our puzzle; whether we want them there or not.


Stacey decided it was time for a new prayer “God take care of my son, and if this woman can help him, thank you. But you know me; I do miss him so terribly and let him know just how much I love him.” She admitted it hurt her every day, but she knew God had a plan, and his answer to her prayer will be made clear one day.


I am happy to report that Stacey and her son Jason have now returned to calling and text messaging each other once again. We must learn to stay patient when life’s troubles are at our doorstep and have trust in God to help us handle the difficulties we will face from time to time.


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