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Wedding Bands




Sue decided it was time to get a concealed handguns license. She had the rifle that her father taught her to shoot with, but did not have a handgun. A good friend of her father is the gunsmith in the next town over, and the economy being the way it is, she didn’t have the money to buy a gun. The divorce had been over for a few years, but she had never gotten around to getting rid of the wedding rings that were in her jewelry box. Her dad asked his friend if he could put up the wedding bands as trade for a gun in the shop.

The rings just sat in the gunsmith’s cabinet collecting dust, until ringsone day this nice young woman walked in. She plopped her purse down on the counter, and with her thumb and index finger slowly pulled out a gun as if it was the most disgusting thing on the planet. She asked the gunsmith, “what could I get for this?” As they were talking, she told him that she would not marry her fiancé unless he got rid of his gun. Since her fiancé had not gotten rid of the 9mm yet, she told him that she would take care of it herself.

The gunsmith asked if she had bought their wedding rings yet and then pulled out the ring set that he was holding. She fell in love with the rings instantly. The man’s ring had been purchased at a high-end jeweler and had some very nice rocks in a platinum setting. The woman’s ring was from a simple design from Kmart that was bought on clearance. It was nothing special but it would go with just about any engagement ring. After the gunsmith called her fiancé the deal was done, the rings for the 9mm.

Later that night Sues’ dad came over with the gun, she was so happy, but her father was smiling from ear to ear! After telling the story about the trade, he mentioned the ladies name. The woman that had traded for the rings was Sue’s ex-husband’s fiancée! Sue and her dad knew her ex would never want to see his ring before it is put on his finger at the wedding. Now wouldn’t you LOVE to be a fly on the wall at that wedding!



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