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YOU WANT ME TO DRIVE WHAT???! With a Yours, Mine, and Ours Family




I have a stepdaughter, two children from my previous marriage, and a 21 month old with my husband.  Four was the perfect number and we were all done having children. We had the great yours, mine, and ours family.

I started feeling a little under the weather and could not shake it.  This had to be because I’m so busy at work, taking care of all the children, animals, and trying to keep the house picked up, a social life, and starting a new business.   This horrible sick feeling just would not go away, it was 24 / 7.   I finally went to the doctor and guess what, I am pregnant!  That’s right, I’m pregnant.

children and divorce recoveryOH LORD, I AM PREGNANT AGAIN!  This will make five kids, count them; one, two, three, four, five kids! Plus with the two of us, we now need a seven-passenger vehicle!

I now get the daunting task to shop for and locate an appropriate vehicle to fit our growing family needs.

Super hubby gets to have the fun vehicle.  Just room for him, a client or two and on the rare occasion when the two of us when we can go out.  I drive the one that we  can all go on a road trip together.  Everything was fine with four kids. But when you add a fifth, your choices of vehicles drastically goes down. Don’t even think about looking for something that has room to put things in the back.  Sorry, you CAN put something behind the back row seat, maybe a purse or a small Chihuahua.

Who designs these vehicles anyway?  It has to be somebody that doesn’t think about stuff like buying groceries, suitcases for an overnight trip or how about strollers!  Okay so I have a little bit of Diva in me. I want to have fun driving my vehicle!  The search has begun, wish me luck; I have five months to find my dream vehicle or we will be taking two vehicles just to go out for a family dinner. Hmm, how about an orange corvette to match an orange UHAUL trailer?!?  Could the kids breathe in a UHAUL trailer? Hahaha!  Really the thoughts are racing through my mind for a hip solution!

Still racing… still no solution… any suggestions?



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