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Favoritism/Special Treatment


step parent perspective

Several moms/dads are upset because they are dealing with this unfortunate situation. This is a difficult obstacle to tackle because there may be numerous reasons why mom/dad may be showing favoritism. Guilt and feelings of loss can cause a parent to engage in favoritism without being aware of it. They try to make the most of their little bit of time with their child/ren pleasant and memorable that they fail to realize they are creating an unbalanced situation with all of the children involved. They miss out on the day to day lives of their children due to a custody order which grants them limited time.

Fear is also a contributing factor. Fear of the custodial parent denying court ordered parenting time, kidnapping, as well as parental alienation. With the slow pace and biased court system this can leave the non custodial parent at the mercy of the custodial parent for many months or even years.

When dealing with a high conflict custodial parent who may be engaging in parental alienation, this places the non custodial parent at an even further disadvantage where he/she may spend their time desperately trying to undo the damage of the mother/father brainwashing hate campaign. This also becomes an opportunity for the child/ren to use guilt to control the non custodial parent into over spoiling them to ‘prove’ their love that the child/ren question due to the custodial parent tactics of alienation.

This also increases the fear of losing their child through the custodial parent’s hate tactics. If the non custodial parent upsets or discipline’s the child/ren the alienating custodial parent can use these to escalate and further concrete her/his alienating campaign. A parents undying love for their child/ren is a powerful force and as a result they will do almost anything to keep from losing their child. Favoritism is a delicate area of concern where all these factors must be considered. It is vital to the family unit for there to be excellent communication to be a successful blended family. A fair balance must be achieved for all involved.


~ Kay ~


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