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Gifts for Daddy



For all of us moms, married or divorced, Christmas is only two weeks away. (Yikes!) It’s time to start getting our children excited about buying gifts for their dad. Stocking stuffers are especially fun to buy because…well…they’re cheap! We can buy a bunch of ‘em without breaking the bank. Let’s brainstorm gift ideas that our children and their dad can enjoy together.

Almost everything on the list below is $1. Every mom knows the Target Dollar Section rocks. But I’m here to tell you, the Dollar Tree… amazing.

Dollar Tree Stores are on both the west and east coasts which makes them that much cooler. I introduced the Dollar Tree to Marci, my BFF on the east coast, and she and I still joke about how her life has never been the same. It’s the perfect place to pick up all sorts of chach – toys, coloring books, school supplies, glue sticks, candles, wrapping paper, gift bags (adorable ones – no more $6.95 Papyrus bags that cost half the price of the gift you bought), wrapping paper, note cards…

Stocking Stuffers:Favorite Candy. Charles loves those gummy coke bottle thingamajigs. (Personally, ick!) Ana Lu and I bought them once for him and now have to buy them every time she spots them. • Mini-puzzle. I buy these at the Dollar Tree so if little hands break a piece and/or a few pieces get lost it’s no biggie. No harm, no foul. • Bubbles. Every child loves when an adult blows bubbles while they run around trying to catch them or pop them. Guaranteed giggles. • Mini-plants. The Target Dollar Section usually sells these cutie mini-Terra Cotta pots along with a few seeds. They fit everywhere. It’s the perfect gift for Dad’s home so our little ones can enjoy seeing their plants grow every time they get to visit their Dad. • Hobby related. Golf balls, iTunes gift card… • Coloring book with crayons. Something they can do together as well. (Dollar Tree)

See? A beach ball says joy for all. Just check out this concrete evidence.

Beach ball. Personal favorite. Endless good times. Babies can roll it. Toddlers can pick it up (leave slightly deflated). Preschoolers/school-aged can play hot potato with dad and try to keep the beach ball from hitting the floor. • More candy. It’s Christmas, go nuts. You know if it’s in Dad’s stocking he’s going to get to share it with your munchkin.

Miniature picture frame ornament with your sweetie smiling at their dad. • Children’s book about spending time enjoying their dad. Ana Lu and Charles’ favorite: Daddy Loves His Little Girl by John Carter Cash. (Yep, Johnny Cash’s son, upping the cooth factor for men.) Of course if anyone has a favorite about Dad’s love, please share it in the comment section below -thanks!

These are just a few starter ideas for stocking stuffers. Would love, love, love any other gift ideas! Any ideas are welcome-large or small-that help nurture the connection between our munchkins and their dad. Admittedly, when it comes to school-aged children, tweens and teens I am pretty clueless in the gift idea department. A fantastic parent-child gift that comes to mind for tween/teens is spending time together at a sporting event, hiking or enjoying a concert together. My brother-in-law brought my 14-year-old nephew to a Green Day concert and they had a fantastic time together.  When they talked about it they were all smiles – it was super cute hearing about what a wonderful time they had together. Granted, if you have a tween, a Justin Beiber concert may not be as much fun for your child’s dad as a Green Day concert. But it’s still together-time for them, even if it’s music their dad doesn’t exactly love. (Your ex having to tolerate a Justin Beiber concert? Stop smiling. It’s not funny. Okay. It kinda is.)

Lucky for Charles, Ana Lu isn’t there yet. No Justin Beiber or Selena Gomez concert tickets in his immediate future. Although, come to think of it, preschoolers do love The Wiggles. Nah, that’d be just downright cruel. Something akin to throwing a bomb at our co-parenting friendship. The irony is if Charles and I were still married I’d actually consider giving him tickets to The Wiggles just for sh*ts and giggles.

And, of course, wiggles.

What gifts have you given to your husband/ex-husband that they’ve enjoyed? Do tell!

Dollar Tree store locater – Enjoy! http://www.dollartree.com/custserv/locate_store.cmd


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