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The Peaceful Pretzels




“POUNDER of MINI PRETZELS!” The over-sized bag screams at me while I hurry down the chip aisle in the supermarket. Ugh, nothing smaller? I scan the other bags of pretzels, to the right, to the left, and see that half of them scream “POUNDER!” and the other half with a more modest label – “16oz” – for the same ginormous bag of pretzels. This is far too many pretzels for just Ana Lu and me. Yet Ana Lu likes to have a few pretzels in her lunchbox so I grab the bag and toss it toward the back of the shopping cart, accidentally knocking Ana Lu over. I was in a rush, oblivious to the fact that a bag of pretzels could double as a weapon against my petite preschooler. Ana Lu immediately wrestles with the bag, exclaiming, “Mommy, dis is big!”

No shit, I silently agree with her. I look back into the cart, size up the bag and quickly register that although only a pound, the bag rivals my sweet Ana Lu for space in the shopping cart. I’m sure the bag is half of the size of her 30 lb body.

We get home, I start to unload the groceries. I push and shove the bag in every which way possible to squeeze it in my cabinet shelf. Failure. My over-filled cabinet cannot fit the POUNDER. Then it hits me.

Who needs a pound of pretzels? I sure as hell don’t. (Duh, Gretchen.) Maybe eight pretzels make it into Ana Lu’s lunch twice a week and she’ll snack on them at the park now and then, so a bag this size will take us months to use. But given Ana Lu has two homes, it makes sense to make to divide this bag of pretzels, right? Charles packs her lunch every Friday for school and what parent can’t use a few extra snacks?


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