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Try This Today: Call me! Text me!


originally posted in SassySingleMom.com

Try this Today Series. Everyday application for healthy co-parenting

In earlier posts, I mentioned how I’m working hard toward making the daily choice to try to strengthen the bond between Ana Lu and her dad instead of allowing the toxic poison from the divorce to seep into her innocent life.

So I’m going to try this today. Maybe you can too.

Call me! Text me! You know you love to share your child’s pictures. Cell phones are handy for uploading photos of our kids. In two seconds flat we parents can summon ~ 200 photos of our cutie munchkins. We’re happy to bore the crap out of any unsuspecting stranger who mistakenly asks us if we have children.

“Why, yes, I do!” As I anxiously slide screens on my iPhone to bring up a photo album, “here she is!!”

I continue to scan through as many photos as I can before said stranger gives me the Heisman.

I know you’re guilty of this too. Poor stranger never had a chance.  I know they’re not interested, but it doesn’t stop me from rapidly tapping from screen to screen to pull up Ana Lu’s photos.

It’s safe to say 98% of us are rockin’ a cell phone now. And for those of you in the 2% consider yourself lucky. You’re unlike the rest of us who struggle with our addiction to the 2 inch x 4 inch gizmo.

This week our every day action item is twofold, we’ll use these beautiful photos of our children in our cell phones to spread a little co-parenting cheer.

1) Call me!  Upload a photo of your child to pop up when your ex-husband calls. This way, rather than seeing your ex staring back at you (with occasional potential for knee-jerk reaction of negative thoughts), you get to see your sweetie looking back at you when he calls. It’s a great reminder WHO the focus of the conversation is; a mini-technique to help us focus on WHAT’s RIGHT, not who’s right.

2) Text me! Park? Baseball practice? School play? Text your ex a photo of your child doing something fun. Engage him in your child’s joy! Give him the opportunity to bore the crap out of some unsuspecting stranger too. If we soften their hearts little by little, they’ll likely do the same. And if  it doesn’t soften their hearts, at the very least, it will soften ours.

I find the more of a grouch I am toward Ana Lu’s dad the more wrinkles I get. Heck, that right there is enough incentive to work toward supporting the relationship between our sweet munchkins and their dads. Why do you think I’m writing a book with a gazillion of these tips; it’s an anti-aging strategy. After all, I ain’t getting any younger. (And neither are you, sorry!) And just in case you didn’t get the memo, we’re single now. So let’s fight off  wrinkles with some healthy co-parenting.

Move along now. Go text a photo of your to your ex so he can see his child’s joyful smile.

If he doesn’t appreciate it, your beautiful face will.



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