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Share the Little Things


It was Halloween night, and I asked a friend what his children were going to be this year. I saw sadness come over his face, and he said that he did not know. He had called his ex to talk to the kids and ask about seeing them, but there never was an answer to his calls or messages. His ex refuses to share the little things in his children’s lives.

Why do people withhold this from their ex? I did in the past until I realized the children need to know that the other parent or grandparent are still involved in their life. This will help them become a happy healthy adult.

I had sent my ex photos of our daughter and grandchildren for Halloween, but I realized I had not been sending the everyday photos. That evening after my friend left, I sat down and texted the daily photos. The next time my grandson talked to his grandpa, he came bouncing in the room smiling from ear to ear telling me “Grandpa was so proud I got a double in the game.”

It is the small things in life that matter most to your children as well as to the parents and grandparents. Don’t let anger and resentment interfere with the special moments of your child’s life.






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