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Distractions can be Incredibly Welcome





The distractions that come with a gentle responsibility can be incredibly welcome when all your mind can focus on is the dreaded divorce.

Have a look around your immediate vicinity to see if there’s anything you can get involved in that is gentle on your mind. Consider doing a minimal amount of volunteering in a charitable organization, or think about joining a reading group perhaps.

These  distractions should be something that fits into a regular slot but isn’t too taxing can offer a nice way to steer your thoughts and you’ll undoubtedly expand your social circle too if you want to, which isn’t a bad thing.

I can recall all too easily how at the height of my divorce, Monday felt just the same as Sunday or Wednesday and Friday, it was just a blur of misshapen hours. The distractions gave me a little structure that felt good and helped me find the shape of the week again.



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