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Feel Mentally Rid of Your Ex




There are lots of ways to feel mentally rid of your ex and as many to help you feel physically rid of them too.

Your skin is a precious covering of an incredible individual and you may not realise it, but you get a completely new one every 28 days or thereabouts.

You will undoubtedly have heard the song about washing that man right out of your hair. How about brushing him right off of your skin instead. With each stroke to feel mentally rid of your ex

Seek out a nice natural bristle brush designed for dry skin brushing and with long slow strokes, brush your entire body one area at a time always in the direction of your heart. Take your time, this isn’t a process to be rushed.

As well as clearing away the old skin, you’ll help the new you to re-emerge from within feeling stimulated and ready to face the day; long live the power of ex-exfoliation… Plus feel mentally rid of your ex!



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