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No Magic Recipe for a Fast Fix



Stress-busting can become an occupational hazard while you tread water through and after a turbulent divorce.


It can easily blow up and manifest into physical symptoms that leave you feeling utterly depleted, void of all confidence and unable to focus on the here and now.


I wish I could give you a magic recipe for a fast fix, unfortunately I cannot, but I can tell you that things don’t have to play out as a foregone conclusion.


You might think that you have no control over what’s going to happen, let me tell you, you do.


Make the recipe up as you go along and make it your way. If you are a timid soul, kick back, if you are usually accepting of whatever comes your way, make a few demands and if you are a pushover, push back and state what you want. It will still be stressful, any phase of divorces generally are, but you won’t get to the end of it with regrets for not standing up for yourself. It will end and stress less days will return; hang on in there.



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 Poetry of Divorce: for Women: An Essentially Upbeat Collection of Poems for Women Going Through Separation and Divorce Tracey West  (Author, Photographer), Simon West (Editor)



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