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Overwhelming Feelings of Sadness and Failure



If you are wallowing in overwhelming feelings of sadness and failure in respect of your divorce, it will undoubtedly have affected your entire disposition.

Let me take the liberty of reminding you that you are not a failure at all, these things happen, divorce is a pathway walked by close to 50% of the American and UK married population; they aren’t failures either, they are just regular Joe’s and Josephine’s like you and I.

It might not feel like it right now, but you are so much more than an ex-spouse. Lift your spirits by reminding yourself of your other identities: are you a much loved scoutmaster, are you a great colleague at work, are you a valued member of a voluntary organization, are you an unsung hero of a career? You are a multi-faceted work of magnificence who is just not feeling very well at the moment.

Your self-esteem will rise again, as will you, like a phoenix from the flames.



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One thought on “Overwhelming Feelings of Sadness and Failure

  1. To my brother and sister wallowers,

    Many of us have been there. and many of us got through that period. Here’s a couple ways that helped me.

    1. Many times each day I would say to myself, “One foot in front of the other. One foot in front of the other.” Or, “Keep moving. Keep moving.”
    2. Every day I would look for one happy or pretty thing. Just one sight or smell or sound that would lift my spirit for a millisecond. Then I would remember it and at night as I drifted off to sleep, I would bring back that one good thing and remember it from different angles. That’s how I would go to sleep and that’s how I trained my brain that everything out there was not hurtful and destructive. After a while my brain would find good around me on its own.
    3. Every day I would get hard exercise until I breathed from the bottom of my lungs. It got cleansing oxygen into my muscles and cells and it took away the CO2 and toxins that the day had stored up there.

    Good luck, my brothers and sisters. It does get better.

    William Kenly
    author of “The Dogs of Divorce”

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