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Divorce Coping Tip of the Day – Promise is a Big Word


Promise is a big word, if you break it, it will also break a lot of other words as well. One example is trust.

When we break our promises we must be careful because along with broken promises comes a lot of other things. We have to be careful what we promise to people in our lives because not only may we be able to break their trust, but we may also break their hearts, their minds, their will, and their spirit when we aren’t able to follow through with what we initially promised.
Delivering in your promises matters because it what you deliver and don’t deliver will greatly affect people’s attitudes of you by the time you are gone. Instead of making big promises that you are sure you can deliver, make smaller promises and over-deliver with the big promise that you had in mind. Not only will this wow the people you care about, but it will also prevent a lot of the backlash you may receive by not delivering what you promised with good intentions from the beginning.


Yes our wedding vows were a promise that was broken but it was a promise one of the two of us could not keep.


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