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Significant Dates Change Color


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After a divorce, previously significant dates change color and feel a little strange, mostly because you’re not sure how you are supposed to feel about them. That date stays on the calendar and comes around every year!

The birthday of your ex is a good example. What do you do? Send a card, don’t send a card; to be honest, that’s an easy one to deal with by comparison to your wedding anniversary.

Whether you spent a year together or three decades or more, that date signifies the day you promised to work real hard at giving marriage your best shot for life and for whatever reason, things went a bit wrong.

Personally, I haven’t managed to find the right mix of emotions to get through the day emotionally unscathed and hey, I’m the gal that hands out the sage advice!

I think perhaps the best we can do on those dates are to let it wash over us and to remember not to line up trouble by setting too many expectations in that 24 hours.


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One thought on “Significant Dates Change Color

  1. They can change color, from red to blue so to speak. The truth though is that once we face what happened and find a way to heal at some point most times those days turn completely clear (to keep the analogy.) I used to think about the day I proposed, day I got married, the day I left, the day I got divorced. Six years after the fact I can honestly say those days have come and gone with no notice the past 3-4 years. While the time it takes to heal is different for everyone the key is deal with everything that happened. A person has to be willing to take accountability for what they did wrong, but also place accountability on their ex for what he or she did wrong.

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