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What to do With THE Wedding Rings?




Tough Angels Rings of Hope

Have a long, hard think about what your wedding rings symbolized to you and what it actually means to you now.

The romantic ‘unending circle of love’ strapline might not stand up to much at this point and it may be time to consider what you want to do with the heavy metal long-term.

If you threw yours at your ex during your parting exchange, there’s probably not much to think about as you’ve passed the responsibility onto them to dispose of it.

Obvious choices are of course sell pawn or give it away, tossing it in the ocean or burying it deep under the soil.  If you feel your wedding band is filled with a rancorous, caustic life force, you have the power at your fingertips to change it completely!  Consider dropping it in an envelope and giving hope, shelter and food to another person. Don’t let the earth claim back the minerals.

Divorce is like a death without a funeral… Now you can have your funeral and the envelope is the casket.  But this casket will give the true gift of life…… perhaps this could be a perfect send off.

So remember once again do what you feel is best, not what others tell you to do!



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