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No Date on Valentine’s Day???

sassy zen insight happiness after divorce


Right…so here we are…first days of 2014…already stressing about spending Valentine’s Day alone….boo-hoo…(???)…Flip this!

No Date on Valentine’s Day???   (boo-hoo)

Boo-Hoo????   …au contraire!  Alone…at peace…grateful for all of life’s abundance…luxuries…a bath…or a shower…prepare a delicious dinner for yourself…pour a glass of wine…or a cup of tea…a beer…Think about activities that don’t require the company of another…a great DVD?… a fat juicy novel? …a video game……ESPN…or put a towel on the floor & do some Yoga…some stretching…or put on some music and rock!!!

Or, if you prefer not to be alone, call up a friend…and NO…this friend is not a watered down version of the big romance you’re imagining you’re missing out on!  Plan an activity…go to a movie together…go line dancing…take a class…attend a seminar…and… consider that you can pursue these activities on your own too!)

Do whatever pleases you and don’t whine because it’s some mystical day with specific romantic connotations and you’re missing the main ingredient…In this case, YOU can decide to be the main ingredient…your mission on Valentines Day is to make yourself happy…to feel cared for…to feel at peace…to create a pleasurable experience.

When you love yourself, when you nurture yourself, when you’re happy and comfortable in your body…when you love your own company…than your vibe attracts others who are healthy in body, mind and spirit…others who are happy with themselves…who are also growing and evolving…and developing…

Maybe on this Valentine’s Day you’re still not up to speed…not quite 100% ready for the right person for you.  Remember, to attract the best mate, you need to be your best…Maybe you have a bit more preparing to do…Focus on self love…on self friendship…on self awareness…on self care…on noticing and correcting negative self talk…STOP reinforcing your limiting beliefs…(too old…too fat…not educated enough…not attractive enough…not affluent enough…not…not not…_________(fill in the blank)…

What is it with all that negativity…all that focusing on what attributes you’re lacking?…What good is that doing for you?   Do you want to be around some sad, discouraged, cynical and complaining person?  Does that sound attractive to you?   The better, happier, more fulfilled and more authentic version of you that you become, the more you radiate an energy that attracts…by next Valentine’s Day, your life will have been transformed!
DASNM and Lillian Gottlieb, Certified Holistic Health Coach, are happy to offer you this free EBook and a no cost half-hour telephone consultation with Lillian. Please download and enjoy this E-Book as our gift to You! Sassy Zen is sure to inspire you! Blow the download you will find the contact information for Lillian.

sassy zen How to move on after divorce

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Are you searching for the solution to a problem or challenge in your life? Take advantage of a no cost half-hour telephone consultation with Lillian. This is an opportunity for you to discuss the positive changes you would like to experience, and to determine whether Lillian’s Sassy Zen Coaching Method can help you achieve them.

Lillian’s telephone number is 917-572-6702


Lillian how to cope with divorce


Hello my name is Lillian. I’m the artist and creator of the Sassy Zen cards. I am also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Certified Vision Board Coach, with over 30 years of consulting experience. A Sassy Zen 20 min. 1 question reading reviews your past, identifies exactly where you are now, and offers guidance on how to best move forward toward a successful future. This is not just a reading… but an outstanding service… helping you to find your ultimate success!

Sassy Zen is a lighthearted philosophy with a profound, yet upbeat and optimistic way of interpreting events and issues in your life. Sassy Zen seeks to create balance and clarity by connecting you with your own inner wisdom, so that you can find the easiest way over, under, or around any perceived obstacles that may be getting in the way of fulfilling your dreams. Click below for a 20 minute 3 card reading.  For additional reading options go to the Live Help section of this website.

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– See more at: LillianGottlieb.com

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