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When feeling really really really unhappy with circumstances as they are, we want change…we want improvement…and we want it NOW!  RIGHT NOW!!!

…and that makes perfect sense…who wants to sit in the middle of a situation that is so dissatisfying…so painful…so disappointing…so NOT the way we want things to be, without wishing it to be different?????

Here’s the thing, though…When we argue with this moment…when we fight what is, we’re just spinning our wheels…it’s not getting us anywhere…What is, IS.  No amount of wishing or wanting or crying or shouting is going to change it.  Soooooo…what to do about it???

Accept what is.  That doesn’t mean like it.  It simply means accept it.  Acknowledge that you are in a place you don’t want to be…(YUCK!) …and…NO…you don’t like it…but it is what it is.

As soon as we stop fighting and arguing with the moment, when we make peace with circumstances as they are, when we accept and surrender to what is, then all that energy that was going into the fight now becomes available to us.  It’s like a jolt of power!

From this new place of calm and acceptance, all that newly released energy and power begin to shine a light that allows us to see new possibilities for change and  improvement..  Now we notice the road ahead,. and a new destination becomes visible.  We start  thinking creatively again…New ideas for inspired action open up for us… We don’t feel stuck anymore.  Now we KNOW that we can move on..


Lillian Gottlieb



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