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Complimentary Sassy Zen Coaching

Are you searching for the solution to a problem or challenge in your life? Take advantage of a no cost half-hour telephone consultation. This is an opportunity for you to discuss the positive changes you would like to experience, and to determine whether my Sassy Zen Coaching Method can help you achieve them.   My telephone number is 917-572-6702


Lillian how to cope with divorce

Hello my name is Lillian. I’m the artist and creator of the Sassy Zen cards. I am also a Certified Holistic Health Coach, a Certified Vision Board Coach, with over 30 years of consulting experience.  Do you enjoy Tarot Readings but don’t like all the negative cards?  Do you want to have a positive happy life? The reason I created the Sassy Zen Readings was to have a fun creative tool that my clients could enjoy  during the coaching session.  One of my clients recently said  “I just love the Sassy Zen readings because with your coaching, is so much fun  and I laugh and smile.  Unlike other coaches where I wold need to have a box of tissues handy.”


A Sassy Zen 20 min. 1 question reading ($20)  reviews your past, identifies exactly where you are now, and offers guidance on how to best move forward toward a successful future. This is not just a reading… but an outstanding service… helping you to find your ultimate success!

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How about a deck of Sassy Zen Cards $16

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DASNM and Lillian Gottlieb, Certified Holistic Health Coach, are happy to offer you this free EBook Please download and enjoy this E-Book as our gift to You! Sassy Zen is sure to inspire you!

sassy zen How to move on after divorce

[freebiesub download=”http://divorcedandscarednomore.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/09/SASSY-ZEN-TEXT-E-BOOK-2.pdf”]

Sassy Zen is a lighthearted philosophy with a profound, yet upbeat and optimistic way of interpreting events and issues in your life. Sassy Zen seeks to create balance and clarity by connecting you with your own inner wisdom, so that you can find the easiest way over, under, or around any perceived obstacles that may be getting in the way of fulfilling your dreams

Check out More Sassy Zen Options

20 Minute Intuitive Sassy Zen Reading with a 5 Card Pattern: $25

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30 Minute One Question with 3 Card Reading $40

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30 Minute Sassy Zen Reading with 9 Card Pattern $45

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2 Extra Questions (only on longer readings) $10

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4 Extra Questions (only on longer readings) $20

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Email a Summary of the Reading $10

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Email a Session / Reading Summary, Plus Tips and a Game Plan $20

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Keep Connected to me via E-mail (limit 1 per day) for 10 Days From Date of Reading and Provide you with Follow-Up Tips and Game Plan. $30

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20 min 3 card Reading

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A deck of your own Sassy Zen Cards $16

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Sassy Zen is about is FUN! It’s about feeling good and being happy by putting the best possible spin on the unexpected and always surprising events in our life. And, most importantly, Sassy Zen is about connecting with, and trusting our own inner wisdom and intuition to guide us in our own best interests.

Lillian and Anabel: Your guides to the Sassy Zen philosophy. What is the Sassy Zen philosophy? In a nutshell…it’s “DON’T BUTT HEADS”…especially not with yourself! It’s about finding the fun and easy way over, under, or around any perceived obstacles on the way toward fulfilling our dreams.

Isn’t it time for you to explore the world of Sassy Zen?



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