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Snap Out of It!

snap out of it

Snap out of it!

 This is not being said in a spirit of being mean or harsh or uncaring….

 Sometimes we get so stuck in the story of our broken relationship…the unfairness of it…the pain…fear…regret…anger…betrayal…disappointment…All that ____________ (fill in the blank)

 And, really…it’s not so unusual to get stuck in our stories…after all…they’re so REAL to us…This is what’s happening, right?

 But…is it ALL that’s happening?  Is your life defined solely by the status of your relationships?  Weren’t you someone before this person, who is now gone, ever showed up in your life?

 There’s a time to grieve…and then… there comes a time when we need to give ourselves a dose of tough love… 

 You can say to yourself:

 Yes!  I’m hurting…and this is a bad situation…a sad situation…Not what I signed up for.  But now… enough already with the pity party!  It’s time to set it aside now…to begin to let it go…It’s time to lighten up…It’s time to start telling a different story… a bigger and better story…It’s time to start dreaming a new dream!

 It’s time to SNAP OUT OF IT!

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