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Abbreviations used by MEV



Here is a list of the abbreviations used by MEV.

“Narcissist” can be cumbersome to type over and over again, so feel free to use these abreviations:

N/NPDer – Narcissist

P – Psychopath524063_327108844044851_730525170_n  MEV

NP – Narcissistic Psychopath

NPD – Narcissistic Personality Disorder

PA – Passive Aggressive

NS – Narcissistic Supply

APD – Antisocial Personality Disorder

BPD – Borderline Personality Disorder

Bi-P – Bi-Polar

NC – No Contact

NW – Narcissist Wife

NH – Narcissist Husband

XN – Ex Narcissist

XNW/WNH – Ex N Wife/Husband

NM – Narcissist Mother

NF – Narcissist Father

NC – Narcissist child

NSib – Narcissist sibling

ACON – Adult Children of Narcissists

OW – Other Woman


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