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ABSOLUTE rule of NO CONTACT! When Leaving an Abusive Relationship




Exposing ourselves to our ex pathological leaves us WIDE open to be sucked in again. Remember they have the ability to hypnotize us and place us in a trance-like state VERY quickly. Confronting our ex-pathological leaves us wide open for re-victimization.

Psychopaths absolutely HATE to be exposed face to face. Confronting our ex-pathologicals puts us in danger of severe wrath and retribution at the hand of someone who has absolutely no empathy for anyone and who is prone to rages is very dangerous!

Though there are many, many other reasons, these two reasons alone establish why having an ABSOLUTE rule of NO CONTACT is essential not only for healing, but also for our own safety. So even though I will probably always feel the need to confront them with the truth, what they did to me… I understand that it can only result in opening me up to more danger and more pain with no possibility for a positive outcome whatever.



No contact abusive divorce helpline






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